Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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You can return most hardcopy (printed) products in their original condition within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund (less delivery charge). Do this by requesting a Returns Authorisation from Customer Service (see tab below).

You’ll receive the refund via the same method used to pay for the purchase.

If you've ordered any Available on Demand titles, please note that we don't normally accept change of mind returns for these. However, if the product is faulty you can contact Customer Service to request a Returns Authorisation form.

Digital products including eBooks, eTexts and access codes, videos and opened software can’t be returned.

Before initiating a return request, please check our Returns Policy to make sure your products are suitable for a return and then follow the Returns process below.

Returns process

1. Send us an Email
Please send us an email at
Remember to include the following details:
- your name
- the original invoice number for your order
- the reason for the return

2. Complete the necessary documentation
We will email* you a Returns Authorisation document. The completed document needs to be included with the returned goods.

3. Processing the return
We will examine the returned product and if the product is in good condition for resale we will process the refund as soon as possible (within 30 days of receipt of the returned item).

Please note: Digital products including eBooks, eTexts and access codes, videos and opened software can't be returned.

* A customer can also request for the paper Returns Authorisation Document to be mailed.

Inspection copies can be returned within 30 days of the date on the invoice, and your school will not incur any charges for these items.

If you prefer to keep the resources, pass the invoice to your business manager for payment.

As with all returns, inspection copies need to be returned in good condition for resale: please do not scratch the silver panel to reveal the access code inside the front cover.

If you would like to trial our ebooks please contact and we can set up a free trial with no obligation to buy.

Pearson is happy to pay for the cost of return postage for inspection copies.

To start the process of returning inspection copies, please email

Yes you can still return these resources, however there are a few more steps involved. As the 30 day period has lapsed, you will be charged the full amount for the books. You will need to contact our Customer Service team, who will arrange for the books to be returned to Pearson and for the cost of the books to be credited back to you. Please note that you will be charged the freight costs incurred to return these books to Pearson, and you will be required to arrange the postage - couriers are not provided by Pearson for the late return of inspection copies.

To start the process of returning inspection copies after the 30 day period has lapsed, please email email

Occasionally the version of a product you have ordered will not be available. If this occurs Pearson may substitute your order with a similar product such as a newer edition, that will have an alternate ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

Pearson Australia guarantees your complete satisfaction with every purchase. If you are not entirely satisfied with any product you can return it in original condition within 30 days for a full refund (less freight).

You can contact us via email to receive a Returns Authorisation Note. Please note all returns requests must be received in writing; we cannot authorise a return over the phone.

Schools customers:

Higher Education customers:

Please note: Digital products including eBooks, eTexts and access codes, videos and opened software can't be returned.

The first time you visit the new, you will be asked to change your password. Once you change your password, you should use that password to login to many other Pearson websites, including Pearson Places, Revel and ActiveLearn Primary. 

If you are having trouble with your Reader+, click here to access the Reader+ help page.

The camera on your phone or tablet can be used to scan a QR code. When successfully scanned, your device will prompt you to visit the intended webpage.

Many phones or tablets have built-in QR scanning functionality. To find out if yours does and to use this functionality, simply follow the steps below.

To use a QR code on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the camera function on your device
  2. Move your device so that the QR code you wish to scan is in the camera’s view
    • If your device has QR functionality:
      • A notification banner will appear prompting you to visit the webpage
      • Click the banner to open the page in your default web browser
    • If your device does not yet have QR functionality:
      • Open the app store on your device and search “QR Code” Apple App Store or Google Play
      • A number of free search results will show.
      • There is little difference in these so you can review a couple options and choose whichever you prefer.
      • Once you have downloaded the App, go back to step 1.

If you purchased this access code from Pearson directly, please contact our Customer Care team for assistance:

Please ensure you have your order confirmation or proof of purchase information handy. If you purchased this access code from a bookstore or other reseller, please contact that company directly for assistance.

We are very happy to work with schools and other organisations to adapt our content so that it can be easily used by students with different needs. Schools and organisations can complete a Disability Request Form to start the process:

Please note that parents and students cannot submit this form, schools or organisations should submit this form on behalf of their students.

If you have purchased a MyLab or Mastering product via this website, you will receive an email containing your access code and access instructions. 

When you buy any digital product: eBook, Reader+, MyLab/Mastering, eText or Revel, please view your Order History to gain access to your purchased item. 

If you have purchased a primary/secondary eBook, (i.e. Pearson Science 8 eBook): Please ensure you have downloaded the Pearson App :

You can download our eBooks to the App for use offline.

If you are having trouble with the App, please email our schools digital team at Please tell the team:

  • You username for Pearson Places

  • The school you attend

  • The full title of the resource you are using

  • If you can include a screenshot of the issue that will help the team assist you more quickly.

You can also call Customer Service on 1300 473 277.

To purchase a VitalSource eText you are required to create an account on

Your VitalSource eText is available in your Account Profile - Digital Bookshelf and in the Order History section.

You will need to access your VitalSource eText ONCE from in order to link your purchase to your VitalSource Account.

Please contact the Higher Education digital support team for help:

Live Chat

Phone: 1300 473 277

You will need to tell the team:

  • Your access code

  • Your email address

  • The name of your university or institution

  • The name of your course

  • The title of your resource

A Course ID is provided to you by your lecturer/instructor. It links your MyLab account to your instructor, so you can be connected to the class they’ve set up.

Your Course ID will be different to the unit number/course code for your subject at university.

It will consist of your instructor’s surname + a 5 digit number: e.g. ‘Smith12345’

Please check your LMS or contact your instructor to find your course ID.

If you don't have a course ID, you must not purchase the MyLab product as you will not be able to use it. If you've already purchased, please email to request a refund. Please tell the team:

  • Your access code

  • Your email address

  • The name of your university or institution

  • The name of your course

  • The title of your resource

For eText resources: If you are only interested in accessing the eText, and you don’t really want access to the quizzes and activities available in the MyLab, then you may have purchased the wrong product. You will only need to use the VitalSource eBook if this is the case.

Please send an email to to request assistance.

Browse the Pearson Places FAQs to find out how to reactivate a secondhand eBook (and more).

Some textbooks will have the answers to the questions or activities printed in the back of the book, but for many titles we only share the solutions with educators (for example, classroom teachers, course coordinators, tutors). Some educators will use the questions in our resources for formal assessments, and so they may need to manage access to the solutions carefully.

If you or your student are using a Pearson title as the prescribed resource for studies at school, uni or TAFE, please contact the educator to ask for access to the solutions.

If you have bought a Pearson resource to use for self-directed study, please contact our Customer Care team to request access to the solutions. You can start a live chat, or visit our Contact Us page.

We recently upgraded our website at to provide a number of enhancements and improvements. One of these enhancements was to install a centralised account system with Pearson.

This centralised account system allows digital product entitlement, a single location for account management, and simplifying sign-in across different Pearson services.

Since the central sign-in is run from a different server, this requires access to third-party (or cross-site) cookies. These are not used for marketing purposes. Chrome, Edge, Firefox and even IE all accept these cookies by default. However Safari does not, and needs to be enabled. 

To do this, in Safari, go to "Preferences", then "Privacy" and then unselect "Prevent cross-site tracking". You will need to restart Safari to see the changes.

Course coordinators currently employed at an Australian school, university, RTO or other education institution may be eligible to access instructor resources.

Homeschool parents who hold a current home school ID number can also access these resources.

Student teachers, private tutors, parents and students are not eligible to access the educator resources.

Due to permissions and distribution restrictions, we are not able to share the instructor resources with educators who are based overseas. Please contact Pearson in your local area for help accessing resources.

Homeschool parents are very welcome to register with Pearson for educator resources. Please register with us here:

Private tutors are not eligible to access instructor resources.

Most higher education, vocational and professional resources have free accompanying instructor resources. These are accessible to educators/instructors once a text has been adopted for a course/unit. If the resources are loaded to this website, you will need to login using your educator account. Once logged into the site, the files will be accessible to you. If you don't have an instructor account you will need to sign up as an educator/teacher and have your account validated.

We also supply instructor resources to many of our higher education global editions. These are housed on the US or UK site. Please contact us if you require specific instructor resources for global editions.

You need to be registered with Pearson as an ‘educator/teacher’ in order to access the instructor’s resources for this text. If you are already registered, please log in and enter the ISBN of the title into the search bar in the top right hand corner. Click on the book, and you’ll see a ‘Downloads’ tab. Click this link to download the resources.

If you are not registered, you will need to sign up on this website. The request will come through to the customer service team for verification. Please keep in mind that this account can take up to 2 business days to be approved. Once you are approved, you will be able to access the resources.

If you are a secondary or primary teacher, please note that most of the teaching resources for our schools titles, including solutions, practice exams and curriculum links are available via our website

Please register on this website as a teacher to access these resources.

To download this file, you will first need to download the TestGen program. To download, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to

  2. Click ‘Downloads’

  3. Login details:

    1. Username: tginstructor

    2. Password: testgen2012

4. Click ‘TestGen Desktop Application’

  1. Click either ‘PC’ or ‘Mac’ as applicable to you

  2. Click ‘Save’ to download the Installer.

  3. Once downloaded, find the install application and install TestGen to your computer (we recommend using all the default settings during the installation process).

Once this program is installed, you will be able to open the .bok testbank files within TestGen.

Please contact your instructor to request help reviewing your work if the solutions to your particular resource are restricted.

You should now use the same login details (email and password) for and Pearson Places.

You may also be able to use the same login details on other Pearson products and platforms such as ActiveLearn Primary and Revel.

Go to 'Sign In' top right of the website and select 'Create an account'. Fill out the registration form and upon successful submission, select your Account Type. If you are a student, your account will be active straight away. If you are an educator or require a school or bookseller account, your account will need to be approved. This can take 24-48 hours.

Go to 'Sign In' top right of the website and select 'Forgot your username or password'.

Click here to reset your password.

You can choose to reset your password via email or text message.

You can also reset your password from the Pearson login pop up at any time by clicking “Forgot your username or password?” and following the prompts.

Your password will be sent to the email address that you used to register with Pearson, so please check that email inbox to see if the reminder email has arrived. Please also check your spam folder, just in case. If the email doesn’t arrive, please contact our Customer Service team for further assistance:

Ph: 1300 473 277

Or you can use the Live Chat button on to chat with one of our team during business hours.

Error message: Your username or password is incorrect 

If you are seeing this error message, the first thing to do is to reset your password. 

Possibly your old password no longer meets our new security requirements. 

Click the link to reset your password and follow the prompts. 

Once you have reset your password, try logging in again. 


Error message: We can't find anyone with that email address.

The best way to fix this error is simply to create a new account using the same email address. 

Our new system will match this new account to your existing account, and bring across all your order history and other information. 

Click the Sign In link, then click the button Create Account to start the process. 


Error: We are unable to log you into your account 

Please contact our Customer Care team for help. Please share the following with the team: 

  • The email address you are using when you try to login 
  • The full URL of the page you were on when you experienced the issue 
  • The timestamp you experienced the issue 
  • A screenshot of the customer’s full screen (not just the error message, please include the whole screen) 

You can click Unsubscribe in the footer of any Pearson email to update your preferences.  You can also select the Preference Center link in the website footer.

What is changing?

From June 26th 2020 all customer service for Pearson products will come from the Pearson Customer Care team.


Will I need a new account number?

If you currently order Pearson products under a UBD account number, beginning with a 1 or 0, then you will need to use a new account number to order Pearson products from June 26th onwards.

Pearson Clinical customers are not required to use a new account number.


What will happen to my UBD account number?

Your UBD account number will still exist and can be used to purchase resources from other UBD House Publishers including Penguin Random House.


How will I submit an order?

You need to generate a separate purchase order for Pearson products and send this through to Pearson for processing. You will not be able to submit a mixed order to UBD that contains Pearson products. Please email your orders to:


How will I request a returns authorisation?

To request an RA, please email


How will I request order tracking information?

Please email Pearson’s Customer Care team directly:


How will I request a proof of delivery slip?

Please email Pearson’s Customer Care team directly:


Will I be charged for postage under the new arrangement?

There is no change to the postage terms under the new arrangement: bookstores will not be charged freight on any orders placed with the Pearson Customer Care team, or submitted online at


Will I still be able to place orders via the EDI?

Yes you will still be able to order via EDI. You will need to update your records to include a new Pearson SAN for submitting EDI orders to Pearson directly.


How can I give feedback?

You are always welcome to speak directly to your Pearson sales consultant, or you can send your feedback to Megan Everleigh (Customer Experience Manager) and Bruce Pyke (Director of Customer Service) by emailing:


Will my discount change?

All discounts will remain the same, there will be no changes to discounts.


I have a credit against my UBD account – will that be transferred to my Pearson account?

No, existing credits on your UBD account will remain on your UBD account and will not transfer to the Pearson account.
You can either ask UBD to refund the credit to you as cash now, or you can leave the credit to use for a future order of Penguin or other UBD House Publisher titles.


Will my returns limit be the same after the transition?

Yes, all existing returns limits will remain the same. If you wish to alter your returns limit, please contact your key account manager.


Will my payment terms (or trading term) be the same after the transition?

Yes, payment terms will remain the same after the transition.
Most customers have trading or payment terms of 55 days, meaning they have 55 days from the invoice date to make the payment.


I have an outstanding order for Pearson products on my UBD Account – how do I pay this?

If the invoice was raised against the UBD account number, please pay into the UBD Account.
If the invoice was raised against the Pearson account number, please pay into the Pearson account.


I accidentally paid a Pearson invoice into my old UBD Account – how do we fix this?

Please contact the UBD Accounts team to request that this money be refunded.
Alternatively, UBD Accounts may reach out to you to start this process by requesting your bank information).
You will then need to resubmit the payment against your Pearson account number.

To search for products, use the search bar at the top right of each page. You can search by title, author, ISBN or key term.

To browse for products, select 'Explore products' from the top navigation.

You can further refine your search by selecting your teaching or learning level, and select the discipline of interest to you.

When you have found the item you wish to purchase, select Add to cart.

You can view your cart contents at any time. When in the shopping cart you can alter the order quantity or remove an item from your cart.

An ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number. It’s usually 13 digits long, found just above the barcode of the book.

Orders for physical items that are in stock will be trackable. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email containing a tracking number and a link to see the status of your order on the courier's website. Back ordered items may be tracked differently and will be sent as soon as they arrive. Please contact us for more details.

On Demand resources are only printed and bound after we receive an order from you: we don’t print these in advance or store them in our warehouse. Delivery for On Demand resources takes an additional 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your order to allow for printing.

If one of your selections is not currently in-stock, we will ship your order as soon as it is available.

If you order multiple products and an item is out of stock, the in-stock items will be shipped straight away and the remaining items will follow once they are in stock.
You can always cancel your order while you are waiting for your backorder to come into stock. Simply email your request to Customer Service.


Please be sure to include your order number with your request.

An 'inspection copy' is a copy of any printed book* that can be ordered by an educator in order to review a textbook for a whole class or year level adoption. Inspection copies are returnable within 30 days delivery and must be returned in an undamaged condition. Pearson has sole discretion to determine the condition of returned goods. Failure to return any inspection copy within the said period will be deemed acceptance of such title(s) and you will be invoiced the full list price accordingly.

Inspection copies are limited to one copy of each ISBN.

*Packs, digital access codes and teacher resource sheets, or any other plastic-wrapped item are not eligible to be inspection copy items.

We can only provide inspection copies to institutions, we are not able to provide these to individual students or parents. Please visit your local bookshop to review a hardcopy resource prior to purchase.

School educators can request an inspection copy via the form found on the respective product landing pages. Higher Education Instructors can select the 'Request an inspection copy' link found underneath the product cover image in the eStore. 

Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange an inspection copy.


Please tell the team:

  • The name of the institution where you work

  • The ISBNs of the resources you wish to inspect

  • The titles of the resources you wish to inspect

  • The reason you are interested in reviewing these resources.


Or, you can contact your Pearson Sales Consultant to arrange an appointment for them to show you the resources in person.

You cannot order printed/physical products from this website, if you are located outside Australia. Please contact your local Pearson Office.

You can make purchases on our website if you reside in Australia.

Delivery is free for any orders placed through

This can vary depending on where you live, and which resource you have purchased.

Digital access codes for higher education resources will be emailed out to you once your order is complete.

Resources that are currently in-stock are processed by our warehouse and delivered by standard post.

Delivery times are also listed at the bottom of your order confirmation email.

Shipping times will depend upon the stock status of the items you have chosen.

Stock Status Delivery Time

Digital Products

Immediately (Please Note: Digital Products on Printed Access Cards will be delivered as below.)

In Stock

4 - 6 business days
Deliveries to WA and regional areas will take longer

Demand Print Titles

(printed to meet your order)

8-10 business days 

Out of Stock

4 - 6 weeks

Area Delivery Time


2 business days

Sydney, Canberra

4 business days


2 - 3 business days


3 - 4 business days

Perth, Darwin

6 - 7 business days

Majority of deliveries will be dispatched by Australia Post, but at our discretion we may opt to dispatch with XL Express.

Customers can contact to ask which courier has been used for their order.

We do not provide delivery to overseas addresses as part of our normal service. 

Please contact your local Pearson division for more information on resources that are available in your area.

No, we do not currently offer an express post option.

Pearson Australia does not have a store or shopfront, but our resources are stocked by all educational textbook resellers, including university bookshops, as well as major retail chains.

If you place an order with Pearson for primary or secondary school resources with your school's trading account, we will hold your order in our warehouse and only deliver it to you once school resumes in the following term.

If you ordered with a personal account (including guest checkout) and paid via credit card then the order will dispatch as normal during the holidays. Please contact our Customer Service team if you do not wish to receive your order during the holidays.

Click here to see all of your contact options.

You can pay with either VISA, MasterCard, PayPal or Zip Pay.

Pearson is happy to review all requests for a trading account from education institutions and booksellers, although we cannot set up trading accounts for individuals. Please note that most schools, universities and booksellers will already have a trading account with Pearson.

To find out if your institution has a trading account, or to set up a new trading account, please email Customer Care:

Your payment details will be processed and your credit card will be charged during checkout. We require upfront payment for all credit card transactions.

Your receipt will document all product charges. It will state that you have prepaid your order by credit card. 

Physical products (e.g. text books): A tax invoice is packed with your order.

Digital products (e.g. digital access codes): After placing your order you will receive a Tax Invoice by email that will include your Access Code instructions.

Physical and digital products: If you have purchased a combination of physical and digital products you will receive an email receipt for the digital products, and a second receipt for the physical products which will be packed with your order.

We require upfront payment in order to further protect and secure your credit card details. That is also why we use one of the leading provider in the payment industry - BrainTree (a PayPal service) as our payment gateway. For your security, we do not store your credit card details. For more information, you can visit BrainTree’s website.

We do not store your credit card information. All credit card details will be entered directly into our payment gateway provider hosted fields (Braintree). All payment details are processed and stored securely with BrainTree. For more information, you can visit BrainTree’s website.

If you need to raise a purchase order for Pearson products in EdConnect, please use Vendor Number or Vendor ID: 0100097165.

Pearson have teamed up with Zip Pay to let you shop now and pay later on online purchases! Zip Pay is a simple, secure and convenient payment option that allows you to shop today and pay later for your purchases through

Shop better, faster & smarter with Zip Pay

  1. Simply select Zip Pay at the checkout.
  2. Create or sign into your account in seconds and confirm your purchase.
  3. Order is processed by our fulfillment centres and delivered to you.
  4. Log into your Zip Pay account to set up repayments - full payment flexibility to suit your lifestyle!

Creating your very own Zip Pay account is simple! Select Zip Pay at checkout or get pre-approved now. All that is required is your social media account (we won’t post to your account) and to confirm the details that you would normally enter when shopping online. (e.g. Name, email, mobile, DOB and gender). Subject to approval, this process takes only seconds after, which allows you to complete your purchase and pay for it when it suits you! Once you’re approved for your Zip Pay shopping account, you can continue to reuse it as much as you like.

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident who is 18 years or older may be eligible for a Zip Pay account.

At the end of every month, you can choose to pay off your balance in full, or simply make a payment that suits your budget (note: there is a minimum repayment of $40 per month required). A Monthly Service Fee of $6 applies. This fee is waived if you pay your balance in full by your due date. There is no establishment fee to setup your account and it is interest free! If you have repaid your balance down to $0 by your due date (up to 60 days after your purchase), you will never be charged any additional fees.

When a customer applies for an account they are allocated a limit up to $1,000. The customer’s limit is automatically assigned at account creation and determined by Zip Pay's risk and credit lending policy. Account limits available to customers are $250, $500 and $1000. All Zip Pay customers are eligible for a limit increase after three months of activity on the account, up to a maximum of $1000. A good repayment history would be beneficial to a limit increase assessment.

The minimum payment required each month is $40 (or balance outstanding, if less than $40), however you can set your repayments higher if you wish to pay the purchase off quicker.

To ensure you never miss a payment, you can setup a direct debit to automatically make repayments. This can be set to run for as much as you like and as frequently as you like (as long as you pay at least the minimum of $40/month, or balance outstanding). Alternatively, a one-off payment can be made at anytime by simply logging into your Zip Pay Digital Wallet and selecting 'Make a Payment'. Payments can be made online by debit card, credit card or BPAY.

A statement at the start of each month, outlining any transactions made and balance owing, will be sent to you. You will have until the end of the next month to pay off your purchases in full with no fees*. No interest will be charged. *$6 service fee may apply if purchases not paid in full by scheduled due date. Once you have repaid your balance down to $0, the account will simply remain open waiting for you to use again to make additional purchases with no fees.

In this instance, you will be prompted to make a co-payment before completing the purchase. A debit or credit card can be used to make the co-payment at the time of the purchase.

A monthly service fee of $6 applies.
This fee is waived if the balance is paid by the due date.
No balance. No fees.

You’ll need to contact us directly to organise returns and obtain refunds on a Zip purchase. Once the request is processed and approved, your Zip account will be credited with the agreed refund amount. The funds will then be put towards any balance currently owing on your account. Visit Zip for more information about returns and refunds.

Gift cards cannot be purchased with Zip Pay

Call: 1300 ZIPPAY (1300 947 729)
For more information visit: