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  • Published 20/11/2020
    ISBN 9781488625695
    Accounting: An Introduction, 8th Edition, is an introductory text for students new to accounting. It engages students using cases, reflective questions and real-world examples to support them in developing critical thinking skills useful across disciplines and needed for starting a financial busines... Read more
    By: Atrill, Peter et al
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  • Published 19/11/2020
    ISBN 9780655702931
    How to Write Psychology Research Reports and Assignments provides all the information required to prepare and write psychology research reports and assessments at the undergraduate level. The text is intended to address the need for a set of guidelines for writing undergraduate-level psycholog... Read more
    By: Kaufmann, Leah & Findlay, Bruce
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  • Published 29/10/2020
    ISBN 9781488620690
    The 2nd edition of Skills in Clinical Nursing provides a primary Australian resource, preparing undergraduate nursing students to become skills-competent nurses, as well as providing practicing nurses with a highly relevant reference. The text acts as a visual manual, helping students learn to link ... Read more
    By: Berman, Audrey et al
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  • Published 27/10/2020
    ISBN 9781488626203
    This best-selling and marketing-leading product introduces marketing through the lens of creating value for customers. With engaging real-world examples and information, Principles of Marketing shows students how customer value – creating it and capturing it – drives every effective ma... Read more
    By: Armstrong, Gary et al
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  • Published 19/10/2020
    ISBN 9781488617362
    The 9th Edition of our highly regarded accounting product is here! Accounting continues to provide a classic, solid foundation, while also including a modern and fresh teaching approach that helps students understand the complexities of accounting. The text is renowned for a clear, straightforwa... Read more
    By: Miller-Nobles, Tracie et al
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