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  • Published 26/12/2005
    ISBN 9781862505384
    In the recent past, positions for workers in cafés and other food and beverage outlets were advertised as ‘coffee makers’. Over the past few years the word ‘barista’ has appeared, reflecting the importance of the area of coffee making in the food and beverage industry.... Read more
    By: Adams, Jill
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  • Published 20/12/2005
    ISBN 9781740910965
    For undergraduate courses in Australian studies, history, cultural history and cultural studies.Dispossession, Dreams and Diversity: issues in Australian studies introduces key topics and questions about Australia as a society, a culture and a nation. It engages in major debates within both the... Read more
    By: Carter, David
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  • Published 19/12/2005
    ISBN 9780733974175
    Mirai is a full-colour, user-friendly language course, with a fun and engaging approach to Japanese language that will appeal to both students and teachers. Authentic and up-to-date photos and maps are presented in context so that Australian students gain an appreciation of Japanese language and cul... Read more
    By: Evans, Meg Et Al
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  • Published 16/12/2005
    ISBN 9780733975097
    From the development stages of computers, through to the system workings and setup of a typical computer, this easy-to-read introduction to computer hardware will help students learn how to upgrade and maintain computer equipment.   How Computers Work has been written for Certificate II in In... Read more
    By: Butler, Warren
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  • Published 15/12/2005
    ISBN 9780733979132
    This Assessment Guide will assist teachers and trainers with assessment of the competency standards: FNSACCT403A Prepare operational budgets FNSACCT503A Manage budgets and forecasts The guide will reduce the workload and costs of preparation for an RTO as it provides a ready-to-use ... Read more
    By: Scope
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