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  • Published 21/12/2006
    ISBN 9780131974524
    Human Neuropsychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the relationship between brain structure and activity, its function and behaviour. It covers every major topic in the field, simultaneously introducing students to significant developments in the area. This book provides the perfect bal... Read more
    By: Martin, G. Neil
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  • Published 18/12/2006
    ISBN 9780273683599
    Rethinking Organisational Behaviour engages in an original and thought-provoking approach to the subject. It situates organisational behaviour within recent theoretical developments whose sources – such as semiotics or poststructuralism – often lie outside the traditional disciplines of or... Read more
    By: Jackson & Carter
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  • Published 11/09/2006
    ISBN 9780273706427
    The text offers an up-to-date, accessible and rigorous examination of a strategic approach to entrepreneurial management and emphasises its distinction from small business management. The text integrates both conceptual and practical ideas from a broad grounding within wider economic, psyc... Read more
    By: Wickham
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  • Published 15/07/2006
    ISBN 9780273704058
    Simply Marketing Communications offers a concise overview of the principles and practices of this dynamic and exciting subject. Based on Chris Fill’s comprehensive and widely used Marketing Communications: engagement, strategies and practice, this shorter book has much more emphasis on the basi... Read more
    By: Fill
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  • Published 14/06/2006
    ISBN 9781405832007
    Opportunities ensures the most effective language learning possible, by focussing specifically on the needs of the secondary school learner, especially those preparing for school-leaving exams. Discovery approach to grammar and an up-front focus on vocabulary gives students maximum opportunit... Read more
    By: Harris, Michael & Mower, David
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