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  • An Introduction to Thermal Physics

    • By Schroeder, Daniel
    • Published 18/08/1999
    • ISBN 9780201380279
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    This text provides a balanced, well-organized treatment of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, making thermal physics interesting and accessible to anyone who has completed a year of calculus-based introductory physics. Part I introduces essential concepts of thermodynamics and statistical mec... Read more >

  • Australia Since 1890, 2nd Edition

    • By Dennis, Lionel
    • Published 29/04/1999
    • ISBN 9780733905001
    • In stock
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    Australia Since 1890 is a comprehensive and stimulating text for senior students of Australian history. The book has been expanded to increase the discussion of major social developments in Australia during the period, particularly the postwar immigration program and the development of multicultural... Read more >

  • Biology of Australia and New Zealand

    • By Augee, Mike & Fox, Marilyn
    • Published 27/04/1999
    • ISBN 9781740910521
    • Available on demand
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    Biology of Australia and New Zealand is a supplement text designed to accompany the outstanding introductory Biology text by Neil Campbell.  It offers students a solid conceptual overview of the factors that have contributed to Australia and New Zealand's geographical and biological unique... Read more >

  • Concurrent Programming in Java™: Design Principles and Pattern, 2nd Edition

    • By Lea
    • Published 25/10/1999
    • ISBN 9780201310092
    • Available on demand (O)
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    One of Java's most powerful capabilities is its built-in support for concurrent programming, a design technique in which multiple concurrent activities-threads take place inside a single Java program. Thread programming enables developers to design applications that are more responsive to... Read more >

  • Contemporary Perspectives on Social Work and the Human Services

    • By O'Connor, Ian et al
    • Published 15/10/1999
    • ISBN 9780733908569
    • Available on demand
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    The social and community services labour market is growing rapidly, but profound changes in attitude to the roles of government, market and civil society are resulting in radical administrative reforms which are affecting the delivery of human services. These institutional shifts are reshaping the n... Read more >

  • Economics of the Public Sector

    • By Connolly, Sara & Munro, Alistair
    • Published 25/02/1999
    • ISBN 9780130966414
    • Available on demand (O)
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    This comprehensive new text breaks the mould of traditional Public Sector Economics texts. It provides the student with a solid grounding in theory and focuses on how this theory can be applied to a broad range of contemporary issues, such as health and education, the monopoly regulation and privati... Read more >

  • Electronics, 2nd Edition

    • By Hambley, Allan R.
    • Published 03/08/1999
    • ISBN 9780136919827
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For core Electronic Circuits courses. The text provides a wealth of readily accessible information on basic electronics for electrical and computer engineering students.