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  • Published 01/02/2010
    ISBN 9780733992117
    The student book follows a well-paced approach to language learning with frequent consolidation and revision. Key vocabulary is easy to find and students will be motivated by the lively presentation and their own sense of achievement.
    By: Civa, Nadia Et Al
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    Book + Disk
  • Published 26/11/2009
    ISBN 9781442517585
    The unique features of the Heinemann Atlas components let students use their atlas more often and with more confidence. The comprehensive Australian content includes coverage of local geographical issues and heritage, multicultural, indigenous, mineral, urban growth and land-use information. With a... Read more
    By: Pask, Raymond
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    Book + Disk
  • Published 30/09/2009
    ISBN 9781442518612
    Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies is a step-by-step guide based on the latest reading comprehension research and is the result of Sheena’s learning journey into research-based practice and her experiences teaching in a real classroom. This book includes information on how to introduce... Read more
    By: Cameron, Sheena
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    Book + Disk
  • Published 20/11/2008
    ISBN 9780325021119
    Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a powerful early intervention system that can change the path of a student's journey to literacy. This pack includes 6 extra Take-Home Bags - 2 of each colour. These bags are designed for students to carry their Take-Home Readers and fold ... Read more
    By: Fountas, Irene C. & Pinnell, Gay Su
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  • Published 29/09/2008
    ISBN 9780733985522
    Saya bisa! is an exciting, two-level package for beginning learners of Indonesian.
    By: Miller, Michelle et al
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    Book + Disk
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