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  • The French Experience 1 Activity Book

    • By Fournier, Isabelle
    • Published 01/06/2003
    • ISBN 9780563472575
    • In stock
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    Hundreds of thousands of people have already learned French with the popular beginners’ course, The French Experience. At home or in a class, you can use this hugely successful course to develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Closely linked to each unit of the course... Read more >

  • York Notes for GCSE: Henry V

    • By Langston, David
    • Published 01/03/2003
    • ISBN 9780582772687
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Everything you need to know about Henry V to succeed in your GCSE Literature exam or essay task. York Notes for GCSE: Henry V give you everything you need to know about one of Shakespeare’s most popular and influential plays. From Act and Scene summaries to analysis of key characters includin... Read more >
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