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  • Published 01/05/2016
    ISBN 9781292125886
    Supporting great computer science teaching through a scenario-based approach to problem solving and computational thinking. This resource is designed to inspire and motivate students by relating and applying their skills to real-world contexts and making learning relevant. This text provides covera... Read more
    By: Charles, Chris et al
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  • Published 10/01/2013
    ISBN 9780325042947
    Children Want to Write is a collection of Donald Graves most significant writings paired with recovered video-tapes that illuminate his research and his inspiring work with teachers. See the earliest documented use of invented spelling, the earliest attempts to guide young children through a writing... Read more
    By: Newkirk, Thomas & Kittle, Penny
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  • Published 31/01/2007
    ISBN 9780435233426
    This critically acclaimed adaptation of Jamila Gavin's Whitbread Award winning novel brings to all students the stories of two orphans at the Coram Hospital. Set in 18th century England with villains and loyal friends, cruelty and hope, it has as much relevance today as the period in which it is set... Read more
    By: Edmundson, Helen
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  • Published 01/06/2006
    ISBN 9780325006437
    Drawing on the research that won Reading Don't Fix No Chevys the NCTE David H. Russell Award, Smith and Wilhelm take Chevys out of the showroom onto the road, presenting classroom-tested units, lessons, and activities that get boys reading and writing and keep them involved in literacy learning. Goi... Read more
    By: Smith, Michael Et Al
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  • Published 01/04/2006
    ISBN 9780435999964
    Hope Springs is a correctional facility for teenagers. Sent to the remote island by their parents, students are subjected to draconian discipline in the attempt to 'cure' them of their delinquent ways. When communication with the island breaks down, two inspectors turn up to discover the students ha... Read more
    By: Conlon, Richard
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