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  • Published 01/12/2000
    ISBN 9781876209551
    Set in contemporary Indonesia, Bagus sekali! 3 examines themes in greater depth appropriate to middle secondary school years. New language structures are integrated with the thorough revision and consolidation of language learnt in earlier school years. Language is tackled to provide older students ... Read more
    By: Cartwright, Kim & Soehodo, Soepri
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  • Published 01/11/2000
    ISBN 9781876209513
    Bagus sekali! 1 Student Book is the first level in the series.Students will be captivated by the rich blend of photos and media that deliberately combine culture, humour and language in order to enhance the language learning experience. A wealth of spoken activities ranging from controlled, guid... Read more
    By: Newnham, Julie & Wackett, Elise
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  • Published 31/08/2000
    ISBN 9780582434462
    "Hooper had known, from the very first moment he had looked into Kingshaw’s face, that it would all be easy, that he would always be able to make him afraid.” This tragic tale of two isolated children explores the nature of cruelty and the power of evil.
    By: Hill, Susan
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  • Published 15/08/2000
    ISBN 9780582427136
    New Longman Shakespeare is a series of educational editions of the most popular Shakespeare plays studied and taught in secondary schools. They provide teachers with a balanced approach to teaching Shakespeare through the unique combination of close textual analysis and drama activities. 
    By: O'Connor, John
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  • Published 31/07/2000
    ISBN 9780582434493
    Edited by George Kulbacki, this collection brings together nine intriguing and astonishing stories by one of the most outstanding storytellers of our time. Stories include Man from the South, Lamb to the Slaughter, The Landlady, The Champion of the World, Galloping Foxley, Mrs Bixby and the Colonel&... Read more
    By: Dahl Roald
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