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  • Bagus sekali! 3 Workbook

    • By Cartwright, Kim & Soehodo, Soepri
    • Published 01/04/2001
    • ISBN 9781876209568
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Set in contemporary Indonesia, Bagus sekali! 3 examines themes in greater depth appropriate to middle secondary school years. New language structures are integrated with the thorough revision and consolidation of language learnt in earlier school years. Language is tackled to provide older stude... Read more >

  • Hai! 1 Student Book

    • By Burnham, Sue
    • Published 01/12/2001
    • ISBN 9781876209841
    • In stock
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    With six semester-length, topic-based stages, Hai! is geared to the crucial middle years where student motivation and experience of progress are so important. Unit topics The writing is different! All about me and my friends I can count! Excuse me, what’s the time? ... Read more >

  • Heinemann Plays: Forty Short Plays

    • By Cartwright, Ann
    • Published 12/06/2001
    • ISBN 9780435233273
    • Available on demand (O)
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    With twenty short plays followed by twenty short sketches, Forty Short Plays responds to the many requests from teachers for more playscripts for Key Stage 3. Each play can be read in just one lesson, making it an ideal choice for group reading in a Literacy Hour.

  • Heinemann Plays: Scripts and Sketches

    • By O'Connor, John
    • Published 01/07/2001
    • ISBN 9780435233303
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Now you can enjoy easy access to first-rate material from established theatre, TV and radio playwrights and be confident that it's just right for school use. Key features Short enough for use in a single lesson or literacy hour, for reading or for performance Exposes students to... Read more >

  • Mirai 3 & 4 Student Book

    • By Evans, Meg Et Al
    • Published 15/10/2001
    • ISBN 9780733923371
    • Available on demand
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    Mirai is a full-colour, user-friendly language course, with a fun and engaging approach to Japanese language that will appeal to both students and teachers. Authentic and up-to-date photos and maps are presented in context so that Australian students gain an appreciation of Japanese language and cul... Read more >

  • New Longman Literature: The Pearl

    • By Steinbeck
    • Published 01/06/2001
    • ISBN 9780582461475
    • Available on demand (O)
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    “You have defied not the pearl buyers, but the whole structure, the whole way of life, and I am afraid for you.” When Kino discovers a magnificent pearl, he thinks that he has found security and comfort for his wife and son, but envy and greed almost destroy him.

  • New Windmills: From Hereabout Hill: A Collection of Short Stories

    • By Morpurgo, Michael
    • Published 01/02/2001
    • ISBN 9780435125288
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Ranging from eerie ghost stories to gritty realism, this collection includes a wide variety of subjects: What does it feel like? Sofia is late for school when she sees tanks arrive in the village square. She manages to hide, only to witness horrific events. The Owl and the Pussycat An abandoned ... Read more >