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  • Published 30/09/1991
    ISBN 9780582870956
    A book for every teacher! Here is the key to a happy classroom: Help your students learn social skills that will help them to get along with their classmates. Create a positive and fun filled classroom where everyone can develop confidence and feel good about themselves. Learn str... Read more
    By: McGrath, Helen & Francey, Shona
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  • Published 01/08/1991
    ISBN 9780435453541
    This Workbook is directly linked to the Teeline Gold Course Book to give you unit by unit practice. Use it to: reinforce your classroom learning improve your Teeline outlines go back and revise earlier Teeline theory record your speed and watch it increase. The Teeline ... Read more
    By: Butler, Harry
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  • Published 01/06/1991
    ISBN 9780435453534
    The Teeline Gold Course Book gives: a clear, colourful layout all the words you will need for exams and in the world of work lots of exercises to reinforce the theory and to give you that all-important reading practice practical dictation pieces to prepare you for your exam... Read more
    By: Clarkson, Jean Et Al
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