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  • Published 29/04/1999
    ISBN 9780733905001
    Australia Since 1890 is a comprehensive and stimulating text for senior students of Australian history. The book has been expanded to increase the discussion of major social developments in Australia during the period, particularly the postwar immigration program and the development of multicultural... Read more
    By: Dennis, Lionel
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  • Published 01/07/1998
    ISBN 9780858598331
    Art Investigator brings the art of the past and present alive and makes it relevant to Australian students. By exploring a range of ideas, styles, periods and themes from ancient Egyptian to contemporary art, it helps middle and senior students develop skills in investigating and discussing art. Ar... Read more
    By: Stockley, Michele
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  • Published 22/08/1997
    ISBN 9780582808935
    The Australian Biology Dictionary is a well-established dictionary for biology students. The content has been addresses current and developing issues in the area, such as animal behaviour, biotechnology and genetics, disease and adaptations. It features over 4700 entries and offers an Australian per... Read more
    By: Heffernan, David & Miller, Ruth
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