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  • Published 01/07/2008
    ISBN 9780435395957
    Atouts: AQA AS French offers complete support for the AQA specification. It's packed with debate-sparking content relevant to A Level students interests and written by highly regarded authors, examiners and teachers.
    By: McLachlan, Anneli
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  • Published 12/10/2005
    ISBN 9780733969034
    Mirai is a full-colour, user-friendly language course, with a fun and engaging approach to Japanese language that will appeal to both students and teachers. Authentic and up-to-date photos and maps are presented in context so that Australian students gain an appreciation of Japanese language and cul... Read more
    By: Evans, Meg Et Al
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  • Published 01/12/2002
    ISBN 9781876209643
    Ça y est ! is an innovative magazine-style topic-based course which invites students in Year 10 and early Year 11 to experience French language and culture at a more advanced level. Researched on location in France and Morocco, Ça y est ! uses original photographs, up-to-date realia an... Read more
    By: Vallantin, Philippe
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