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  • Published 15/11/2007
    ISBN 9781740818377
    Lines to Time Fourth Edition has been prepared to meet the requirements of the VCE Literature Study Design. With its chronologically presented selection, Lines to Time Fourth Edition is an exclusive and comprehensive poetry anthology for any senior English Literature course.
    By: Cole, Robert
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  • Published 17/09/2007
    ISBN 9780325009858
    If you teach English language learners, you probably have too many unanswered questions to count. How do I assess a student's English? How do I get my reluctant speakers to speak English? How do I teach grade-level content to English beginners? Fortunately, second language ac... Read more
  • Published 30/08/2007
    ISBN 9780733960338
    Ça roule Student Book 1 follows a well-paced approach to language learning with frequent consolidation and revision. Key vocabulary is easy to find and students will be motivated by the lively presentation and their own sense of achievement.  Ça roule Workbook 1 follows the Stude... Read more
    By: Sudlow, Carolyn
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  • Published 30/05/2007
    ISBN 9780733985041
    International Mathematics for the Middle Years has been developed with the international student in mind. This series is particularly beneficial to students studying the International Baccalaureate MYP. All examples and exercises take an international viewpoint, giving students an opportunity to lea... Read more
    By: McSeveny, Alan Et Al
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  • Published 08/05/2007
    ISBN 9780733975257
    Ça roule ! is an exciting, two-level package for beginner learners of French. Ca Roule! Audio CDs 1 are a high-quality recording of the dialogues and listening activities in Student Book 1 and Workbook 1, as well as the listening components of the tests included in the teacher’s resourc... Read more
    By: Sudlow, Carolyn
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