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  • Published 15/05/2013
    ISBN 9781442536531
    The audio CDs include all the listening material for the student book, activity book and assessment tasks in one easy-to-use resource. High-quality recordings by Indonesian native speakers provide opportunities for students to listen to clear, accurate and authentic modelling of the spoken languag... Read more
    By: Gould-Drakeley, Melissa et al
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  • Published 06/09/2010
    ISBN 9781442517745
    Jinbu 1 provides a thorough foundation for progression to further studies of Chinese.
    By: Zhu, Xiaoming & Bin, Yu
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  • Published 16/02/2010
    ISBN 9780733992131
    The student book follows a well-paced approach to language learning with frequent consolidation and revision. Key vocabulary is easy to find and students will be motivated by the lively presentation and their own sense of achievement.
    By: Civa, Nadia Et Al
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  • Published 26/08/2008
    ISBN 9780733985553
    The Audio CDs provide high-quality recordings of the dialogues and listening activities in the student book and workbook, as well as the listening components of the tests included in the Teacher’s Resource. The dialogues and listening activities have been recorded at a pace suitable ... Read more
    By: Miller, Michelle Et Al
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  • Published 01/07/2008
    ISBN 9780435395957
    Atouts: AQA AS French offers complete support for the AQA specification. It's packed with debate-sparking content relevant to A Level students interests and written by highly regarded authors, examiners and teachers.
    By: McLachlan, Anneli
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