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  • Published 01/12/1992
    ISBN 9780435087609
    Teaching Kids to Spell fills the need for a book to help teachers working in an integrated language arts program provide systematic, personalised spelling instruction. It provides a much-needed bridge between traditional spelling instruction and whole language approaches, showing teachers (and paren... Read more
    By: Gentry, J. Richard Et Al
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  • Published 01/09/1992
    ISBN 9780435453596
    Teeline Gold Word List contains the recommended Teeline outlines for over 12000 words—the sorts of words that might be expected to appear fairly frequently in non-technical material. This edition also has appendices of medical and legal words, as well as countries, major towns and cities wor... Read more
    By: Smith, Marvis & Tilly, Anne
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  • Published 04/03/1992
    ISBN 9780582060197
    When fourteen year-old Ronnie is sent home from naval college accused of stealing, his father vows to prove his innocence.
    By: Rattigan, Terence
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