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  • Published 29/12/2005
    ISBN 9780805382143
    This flexible laboratory manual contains nearly 60 exercises involving small-scale ecological systems that can be conducted within a weekly lab period right on campus, regardless of weather or resources available. Each chapter explains a fundamental concept, and then gives three separate hands-on ex... Read more
    By: Kingsolver, Robert
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  • Published 20/12/2005
    ISBN 9780735637214
    No matter how much instruction you’ve had on managing software requirements, there’s no substitute for experience. Too often, lessons about requirements engineering processes lack the no-nonsense guidance that supports real-world solutions. Complementing the best practices presented in h... Read more
    By: Wiegers, Karl
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  • Published 05/12/2005
    ISBN 9780733974007
    For primary education students. Teaching Health & Physical Education in Australian Primary Schools is an introduction to the task of teaching Health and Physical Education (HPE). It provides an account of many of the issues and concerns students will encounter as a beginning teacher working with... Read more
    By: Tinning, Richard Et Al
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  • Published 17/11/2005
    ISBN 9780131480254
    With an informal and engaging writing style, A User’s Guide to Engineering is an exploration of the world of engineering for future and current engineers. An important feature of this guide is the collection of engineering case studies which present stories of engineers faced with challenges t... Read more
    By: Jensen
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  • Published 15/11/2005
    ISBN 9780733974472
    For undergraduate courses in sociology and social work Deviance, Conformity and Control has established itself as the authoritative Australian text for students of the sociology of deviance. The 4th edition introduces students to topical issues pertinent to current debates about Australian socie... Read more
    By: Roach Anleu, Sharyn L.
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