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  • Published 02/04/2018
    ISBN 9780134599717
    For courses in traffic engineering.   Focuses on the key skills and understanding required for careers in traffic engineering Traffic Engineering, 5th Edition focuses on the key engineering skills required to practice traffic engineering. It presents both fundamental theory and a broad ... Read more
    By: Roess, Roger P. et al
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  • Published 01/03/2015
    ISBN 9780134076959
    Covering the bulk of what you need to know to develop full-featured applications for OS X, this edition is updated for OS X Yosemite (10.10), Xcode 6, and Swift. Written in an engaging tutorial style and class-tested for clarity and accuracy, it is an invaluable resource for any Mac programmer. The ... Read more
    By: Hillegass, Adam et al
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  • Published 06/09/2013
    ISBN 9780133356717
    For courses in Machine Design An integrated, case-based approach to Machine Design   Machine Design presents the subject matter in an up-to-date and thorough manner with a strong design emphasis. This textbook emphasises failure theory and analysis as well as the synthesis and design aspects... Read more
    By: Norton, Robert L.
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  • Published 17/03/2011
    ISBN 9780132478793
    For junior/senior-level Control Theory courses in Electrical, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering. For a First Course in Control Systems. Feedback Control Systems, 5e offers a thorough analysis of the principles of classical and modern feedback control in language that can be understood by s... Read more
    By: Phillips, Carles L. & Parr, John
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  • Published 18/07/2007
    ISBN 9780136142256
    For introductory mechanics courses found in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, and engineering mechanics departments.   Better enables students to learn challenging material through effective, efficient examples and explanations.
    By: Bedford, Anthony & Fowler, Wallace
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