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  • Published 27/12/2011
    ISBN 9780135027998
    For courses in health law and medical ethics in any healthcare professional program, including dental, physician, nursing, nursing or physician’s assistant, occupational or physical therapy, radiology technologist, respiratory or surgical technologist, and other fields.   Conversational... Read more
    By: Allen
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  • Published 07/11/2011
    ISBN 9781442543294
    Public Relations: Theories, Practices, Critiques is an essential resource for Australian public relations students.   Jim MacNamara, one of Australia’s best-known and widely-respected public relations and communication professionals, clearly explains public relations concepts, models a... Read more
    By: MacNamara, Jim
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  • Published 03/11/2011
    ISBN 9781442549302
    Dilemmas of Practice is a collection of case studies authored by pre-service teachers from a number of Australian Universities, who reflect on an incident or situation they faced on prac that challenged their teaching philosophy. Lecturers and students who used this text (when it was a six-case co... Read more
    By: Weaven, Mary
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  • Published 25/10/2011
    ISBN 9781442541481
    Students studying sociology, psychology, agriculture, education, justice studies, law, policy, media studies, mental health nursing and microbiology will all benefit from the approach of this new writing guide which uses examples from students to explore the process and practice of academic writing.... Read more
    By: Ragusa, Angela T.
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  • Published 20/10/2011
    ISBN 9781442543546
    The most rigorous Australian financial and investment planning resource on the market.   Modern Financial and Investment Planning 2nd edition equips university students with the theory, regulations and policies required to satisfy the strict educational requirements imposed by industry. ... Read more
    By: Valentine
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