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  • Access to Maths

    • By Evans, Sheila
    • Published 09/07/2009
    • ISBN 9781405859615
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    The book is full of relevant real-life examples which help students see maths not as merely something which must be learned, but as a valuable tool. It presents a variety of learning methods to enable students to engage with the material and to provide them with a broader and deeper understanding of... Read more >

  • Accounting For Business with Workbook, 2nd Edition

    • By Marley, Stephen Et Al
    • Published 03/11/2009
    • ISBN 9314994240177
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Value Pack
    This pack contains 1 copy of Accounting For Business and 1 copy of Workbook to Accounting for Business. Accounting for Business: An Introduction, has been thoroughly revised to provide vocational students with a comprehensive overview of key financial principles. Its business-oriented f... Read more >

  • Aircraft Flight: A description of the physical principles of aircraft flight, 4th Edition

    • By Barnard, R. H. & Philpott, D. R.
    • Published 01/12/2009
    • ISBN 9780273730989
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Aircraft Flight provides accurate physical, rather than mathematical, descriptions of the principles of aircraft flight. This popular text gives mechanical engineering and aeronautical engineering students a useful introduction to the subject. The 4th Edition has been updated to include important re... Read more >

  • C# for Students, Revised Edition, 2nd Edition

    • By Bell, Douglas & Parr, Mike
    • Published 01/03/2009
    • ISBN 9780273728207
    • Available on demand (O)
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    If you are new to computer programming then this book is for you! Starting from scratch, it assumes no prior knowledge of programming and is written in a simple, direct style for maximum clarity. C# ('C Sharp') is an object-oriented, network-enabled programming language, developed expressly for Micr... Read more >

  • Digital Communications, 3rd Edition

    • By Glover
    • Published 30/08/2009
    • ISBN 9780273718307
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Digital techniques are central to almost all modern telecommunications systems. The third edition of Digital Communications has retained both its comprehensive coverage and its balance between theory, applications and systems implementation. Its main aim is to develop the mathematical theory of sign... Read more >

  • Dosage Calculations for Nurses

    • By Olsen, June et al
    • Published 30/12/2009
    • ISBN 9780132068840
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for dosage calculations and drug administration is an excellent reference guide for nursing and healthcare professionals. Critical thinking case studies, practice tests, and exercises prepare students for real calculations so they can confidently calculate sa... Read more >

  • Human Molecular Genetics, 3rd Edition

    • By Sudbery, Peter
    • Published 31/05/2009
    • ISBN 9780132051576
    • Available on demand (O)
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    This edition of Human Molecular Genetics continues to provide a clear introduction to this complex and fast moving field.  The material covered has been carefully selected and structured to provide a concise overview for students studying the subject as part of a general biology, genetics or me... Read more >