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  • An Introduction to Corporate Governance in Australia

    • By Shailer, Gregory
    • Published 31/03/2004
    • ISBN 9781741033410
    • Available on demand
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    As the author comments in the Introduction to this book, Corporate Governance is currently a popular topic with regulators, investors, company directors and executives, commentators and academics but this is not just a recent phenomenon. While current interest may be largely a response to major case... Read more >

  • Australian Public Policy, 2nd Edition

    • By Fenna, Alan
    • Published 01/05/2004
    • ISBN 9780733998997
    • Available on demand
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    This edition of this highly regarded Australian public policy text is designed for second and third year undergraduate students. Reviewers of the first edition commented on its excellence as an introductory text to the area of public policy and its comprehensive and thorough approach. &... Read more >

  • Deutsch Plus Coursebook

    • By Arthur, Eleonore et al
    • Published 01/08/2004
    • ISBN 9780563519157
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Deutsch Plus, the popular course for beginners in German, is designed for adult learners in a range of situations. Whether you are studying in a class, at home, for business or leisure purposes, you will find the course carefully structured to introduce you to the language in a meaningful and intere... Read more >

  • Economics Of Australian Labour Markets, 6th Edition

    • By Norris, Keith Et Al
    • Published 15/09/2004
    • ISBN 9781740911023
    • Available on demand
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    Economics of Australian Labour Markets was first published in 1983 and has been the leader in its field since then.  The sixth edition provides a clear, concise and up-to-date overview of labour economics and integrates this theory with data and other evidence on the operations of the... Read more >

  • Health in Australia: sociological concepts and issues, 3rd Edition

    • By Grbich, Carol
    • Published 20/05/2004
    • ISBN 9781740910972
    • Available on demand
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    A key Australian introductory textbook on heath sociology for nursing and allied health students and upper level undergraduate sociology students is now fully updated with the third edition. Health in Australia: Sociological concepts and issues 3e is a comprehensive Australian text that has been e... Read more >

  • Introduction To Futures & Options Markets In Australia

    • By Frino, Alex & Jarnecic, Elvis
    • Published 09/11/2004
    • ISBN 9781741032741
    • Available on demand
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    Introduction to Futures and Options Markets in Australia is dedicated to a thorough treatment of Australian futures and options. It provides a detailed analysis of the major products in the Australian market as well as a discussion of the market itself. In conjunction with the Sydney Futures Exchang... Read more >

  • Italianissimo Beginner's Coursebook

    • By De Rome, Denise
    • Published 01/07/2004
    • ISBN 9780563519065
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    The ideal introduction to everyday Italian for beginners, Italianissimo 1 will help you develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills whether you are learning at home or in a class.