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  • Published 29/12/2008
    ISBN 9780733988752
    Front Office Skills: A practical approach covers all the essential skills a student needs to build a career in the front office of a commercial accommodation venue. It supports the delivery of units of competency from the SIT07 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training Package. This book teaches ... Read more
    By: O'Shannessy, Vivienne
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  • Published 08/12/2008
    ISBN 9780733980282
    Foreign Policies of the Great and Emerging Powers is concerned primarily with the changing structure of the balance of power operating in contemporary international politics and focuses upon assessing the policy intentions and power capabilities of key actors within such a structure. One of the key... Read more
    By: Davison, Remy
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  • Published 14/10/2008
    ISBN 9781741033717
    Australian Foreign Relations: Into the 21st century aims to present the reader with an introduction to Australian foreign relations, focusing in particular on those contemporary relationships that are most important to Australia. Rather than organising the chapters on the basis of the issues that ... Read more
    By: McDougall, Derek
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  • Published 07/10/2008
    ISBN 9781442500259
    Australian Corporate Governance provides students with an in-depth and objective analysis of the key issues in corporate governance practices of Australian companies. It is written to cater for the growing number of students taking corporate governance subjects in accounting at both graduate and und... Read more
    By: Psaros, Jim
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  • Published 04/09/2008
    ISBN 9780733993473
    The 4th Edition of The Waiter’s Handbook continues to be an excellent resource for those in the hospitality industry.    The book is a comprehensive training guide to modern food and beverage service. It explains the technical and interpersonal skills required by today’s... Read more
    By: Brown, Graham & Hepner, Karon
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