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  • Published 20/12/1999
    ISBN 9781740091930
    Provides a straightforward overview of economics in the business context for non-economists Addresses requirements of National Accounting module, Economics for Business NAP 722 Appropriate accounting for real estate, banking and finance, travel and tourism courses containing an eco... Read more
    By: Shade, Beth et al
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  • Published 15/12/1999
    ISBN 9780582328730
    Field and laboratory studies are essential components of undergraduate training in Environmental Science alongside transferable skills such as computing and study skills. Practical work must be fully understood and effectively presented, but many students under-perform as they aim to acquire complex... Read more
    By: Jones, Allan et al
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  • Published 15/10/1999
    ISBN 9780733908569
    The social and community services labour market is growing rapidly, but profound changes in attitude to the roles of government, market and civil society are resulting in radical administrative reforms which are affecting the delivery of human services. These institutional shifts are reshaping the n... Read more
    By: O'Connor, Ian et al
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  • Published 01/10/1999
    ISBN 9780582226289
    Dr Vogel's classic introduction to analytical methods has provided generations of chemists worldwide with a basis for teaching, learning and applying analytical chemistry. This 60th anniversary edition - the first for a decade - reflects major changes in the subject.Analysts need to understand the c... Read more
    By: Mendham Denney Barnes Thomas
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  • Published 27/04/1999
    ISBN 9781740910521
    Biology of Australia and New Zealand is a supplement text designed to accompany the outstanding introductory Biology text by Neil Campbell.  It offers students a solid conceptual overview of the factors that have contributed to Australia and New Zealand's geographical and biological unique... Read more
    By: Augee, Mike & Fox, Marilyn
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