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  • Published 07/09/2018
    ISBN 9781292090580
    Psychology is the internationally best-selling introduction to one of the world’s most exciting sciences. This popular text explores every major branch in the field, allowing students to discover classic and contemporary topics, theories and applications. A range of engaging pedagogical featu... Read more
    By: Martin, G. Neil & Carlson, Neil R.
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  • Published 23/07/2018
    ISBN 9781292208596
    Written by a working journalist with over 20 years’ experience, Law for Journalists is designed to equip you with a solid understanding of the day-to-day legal principles and practices you will need throughout your career. This book is packed full of practical tips and suggestions, making it ... Read more
    By: Quinn, Frances
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  • Published 02/07/2018
    ISBN 9781292207834
    Written by two leading scholars, Tort Law combines detailed coverage of the legal principles, supported by hypothetical case scenarios and guided further reading, with critical discussion of the key academic debates and literature in the subject making it ideal for use by anyone studying tort law at... Read more
    By: McBride, Nicholas J. & Bagshaw, Roderick
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  • Published 23/05/2018
    ISBN 9781509303588
    This book provides comprehensive coverage of the C# language, going beyond a tutorial and offering a foundation upon which you can begin effective software development projects. For readers already familiar with C#, this book provides insight into some of the more complex programming paradigms and ... Read more
    By: Michaelis, Mark & Lippert, Eric
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  • Published 19/06/2017
    ISBN 9781292114064
    Now in its 6th edition, Electronics: A Systems Approach provides an outstanding introduction to this fast-moving and important field. Comprehensively revised and updated to cover the latest developments in the world of electronics, the text continues to use Neil Storey’s established ... Read more
    By: Storey, Neil
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