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  • Published 28/12/2004
    ISBN 9780582327894
    Tourism is a critical and cutting-edge introduction to the major issues surrounding the production and consumption of tourism and its associated effects for the 21st century. Tourism is presented as one of the key social science disciplines by which contemporary human mobility can be understood. Iss... Read more
    By: Hall
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  • Published 28/11/2004
    ISBN 9780130430281
    Measurement is an essential activity in every branch of technology and science, the fourth edition of this successful text has been extensively extended and updated to include new developments in measurement devices and technology.   Principles of Measurement Systems provides a coherent and i... Read more
    By: Bentley, John
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  • Published 28/11/2004
    ISBN 9780321181435
    For some software designers the interface is still seen as an add-on after the rest of the program has been written, while human-computer interaction specialists see programming as the final task.  This book bridges the gap between the communities by showing how to design screens in a systemati... Read more
    By: Lauesen
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  • Published 11/06/2004
    ISBN 9780582404878
    This is a standard text for upper level undergraduate/postgraduate microeconomics. The book begins at the intermediate level and ends at a level appropriate for the graduate student. This well informed book provides a comprehensive exposition of modern microeconomic theory, covering many of the i... Read more
    By: Gravelle, Hugh & Rees, Ray
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  • Published 03/06/2004
    ISBN 9780130922229
    For courses in Human Relations, Applied Psychology, Leadership, and Supervision.   This practical, hands-on text covers twelve key areas of skill development that enable today’s students to become effective coaches and mentors of tomorrow. It contains useful and serious advice - based... Read more
    By: DuBrin, Andrew J.
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