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  • Published 04/01/2020
    ISBN 9780135211458
    For courses in paramedics. Learning A&P in the context of its emergency care applications With Anatomy & Physiology for Emergency Care, Dr. Bledsoe builds upon the popular Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, by Frederic H. Martini and Edwin F. Bartholomew. The result is a text that ... Read more
    By: Bledsoe, Bryan E. et al
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  • Published 19/10/2019
    ISBN 9780135187258
    For introductory courses in animal science. Long-standing leader for introductory animal science courses Best-selling Scientific Farm Animal Production: An Introduction to Animal Science is the single best integrated resource combining a strong disciplinary focus with best practices in produc... Read more
    By: Field, Thomas G. & Taylor, Robert E.
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  • Published 11/10/2019
    ISBN 9780135790489
    For nursing courses covering drugs or drug administration. A long-trusted reference guide for safe, effective drug administration Current and comprehensive, Pearson Nurse’s Drug Guide 2020 helps clinicians administer drugs safely in any healthcare setting. Drugs are listed alphabeticall... Read more
    By: Wilson, Billie A. et al
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  • Published 12/09/2019
    ISBN 9780135414521
    For courses in medical law or ethics in programs for nurses, medical assistants, and other allied health care professionals. A plain-language guide to the law and ethics of healthcare Medical Law and Ethics examines the essentials of pertinent laws and the ethical demands of healthcare profes... Read more
    By: Fremgen, Bonnie F.
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  • Published 04/09/2019
    ISBN 9780135563090
    Using a step-by-step format, Engineering Design Graphics with Autodesk Inventor shows students how to use Autodesk Inventor to create and document designs. Chapter test questions help students assess their understanding of key concepts. Sample problems, end-of-chapter projects, and a variety of addi... Read more
    By: Bethune, James D.
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