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  • Published 15/05/2003
    ISBN 9780582776456
    A user-friendly and practical tool for intermediate students to learn or review English grammar, from a British English perspective.Balance - the perfect mix of grammar and practiceVersatility - for class, self-study or reference use.Clarity - charts and explanations provide excellent modelsContext ... Read more
    By: Fuchs Bonner Bourke
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  • Published 10/04/2003
    ISBN 9780130453501
    For courses in Advanced Topics in Electronic Communications. Comprehensive in scope and contemporary in coverage, this text explores modern digital and data communications systems, microwave radio communications systems, satellite communications systems, and optical fiber communications systems... Read more
    By: Tomasi, Wayne
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  • Published 30/01/2003
    ISBN 9780582403833
    The comprehensive grammar reference and practice book that targets the language Advanced students need tyo refine their English. Diagnostic tests identify students' weaknesses to enable a more focussed learning. Comprehensive explanations with lots of natural examples help students acquire authentic... Read more
    By: Hall & Foley
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