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  • Published 01/08/2005
    ISBN 9780563519454
    Buongiorno Italia! is the highly successful course for beginners learning Italian. Whether learning at home or in a class, you will learn to use and understand basic colloquial Italian in a wide range of everyday situations. You can gain valuable insights into modern Italian culture, and extende... Read more
    By: Cremona, Joseph
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  • Published 15/07/2005
    ISBN 9780131862395
    With its lively, conversational tone and practical focus, this edition mixes applied and theoretical aspects for a solid introduction to cryptography and security, including the latest significant advancements in the field.
    By: Trappe, Wade & Washington, Lawrence C.
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  • Published 30/03/2005
    ISBN 9780131465329
    Suitable for use by departments ranging from statistics and Engineering to Psychology and Education when the objective of the course is to learn to use the SAS programming language to perform statistical analysis.  As the SAS© programming language continues to evolve, this new edition fol... Read more
    By: Cody, Ron P. & Smith, Jeffrey K.
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  • Published 22/03/2005
    ISBN 9780131090514
    Oral Health Education prepares students and practitioners, to be a resource to health care consumers regarding the promotion of oral health. Included are detailed articulations concerning how individuals perceive oral health, how they can be motivated to improve oral health, and how oral health af... Read more
    By: Kimbrough-Walls, Vickie & Henderson, Karen
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  • Published 03/03/2005
    ISBN 9780130482426
    Written by engineers for engineers, this practical textbook is designed to develop the communication skills needed by all types of engineering students to be successful both in college and the workplace. Real engineering documents are included in each chapter providing helpful guidelines to the prep... Read more
    By: Sorby, Sheryl A. & Bulleit, William M.
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