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  • Published 29/12/2007
    ISBN 9780131196803
    For sophomore/senior-level courses in Menu Planning, Food Production, Food Management. Exceptionally thorough, this text offers single-volume coverage of all aspects of menu planning—from customer demographics to kitchen capabilities, to cost cards and menu analysis. Early chapters are devoted... Read more
    By: Drysdale, John A. & Courtney, Jennifer A.
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  • Published 28/12/2007
    ISBN 9780131926721
    For courses in Casino Management, Casino Marketing, or Intro to Gaming.   Unlike other casino books, this textbook examines the casino industry using a business paradigm. It emphasises both external environmental influences and internal points of control, leaving readers with a more strategic... Read more
    By: Hashimoto, Kathryn
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  • Published 18/06/2007
    ISBN 9780131848696
    For juniors, seniors, and graduate students of various majors, taking a first course in topology.   This book introduces topology as an important and fascinating mathematics discipline.   Students learn first the basics of point-set topology, which is enhanced by the real-world applica... Read more
    By: Adams, Colin & Franzosa, Robert
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  • Published 13/06/2007
    ISBN 9780735636941
    Take control of the unrelenting e-mail, conflicting commitments, and endless interruptions–and take back your life! In this popular book updated for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, productivity experts Sally McGhee and John Wittry show you how to reclaim what you thought you’d lost foreve... Read more
    By: McGhee, Sally & Wittry, John
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  • Published 07/03/2007
    ISBN 9780136129080
    The Angel texts consistently receive praise for their readability - short, clear sentences are used to ensure the text is readable even for those with weak reading skills- and for the abundance of detailed, worked-out examples.  In this 3rd Edition of Algebra for College Students, Angel co... Read more
    By: Angel, Allen R.
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