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  • Published 06/09/2013
    ISBN 9780133356717
    For courses in Machine Design An integrated, case-based approach to Machine Design   Machine Design presents the subject matter in an up-to-date and thorough manner with a strong design emphasis. This textbook emphasises failure theory and analysis as well as the synthesis and design aspects... Read more
    By: Norton, Robert L.
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  • Published 23/07/2013
    ISBN 9780205976294
    For courses in (Introduction to) Greek Art, Greek Archaeology, and Greek Civilization, found in both Art History and Classics Departments.   Greek Art and Architecture explores the development of Greek art across three centuries. This extensively illustrated and clearly written text is access... Read more
    By: Pedley, John G.
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  • Published 25/06/2013
    ISBN 9780205829583
    An accessible guide for all Psychology undergraduates.   Focusing on the multiple ways that students can enhance their marketability while still in school, Majoring in Psych?: Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates answers the career-planning questions most psychology majors find thems... Read more
    By: Morgan, Betsy L. & Korschgen, Ann J.
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  • Published 23/04/2013
    ISBN 9780133066814
    How do children acquire language and literacy knowledge in many different contexts? How can teachers effectively promote the development of oral and written language?   This book is all about teaching the language arts—facilitating children’s reading, writing, speaking, and listenin... Read more
    By: Christie, James F. et al
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  • Published 07/01/2013
    ISBN 9780321714114
    This edition has been completely revised and rewritten to conform to today's C++ usage.    Students new to C++ will find a clear and practically organised introduction to the language enhanced by numerous pedagogical aids. Students returning to C++ will be able to update their knowledge... Read more
    By: Lippman, Stanley B. et al
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