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  • Published 30/12/2009
    ISBN 9780132068840
    This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide for dosage calculations and drug administration is an excellent reference guide for nursing and healthcare professionals. Critical thinking case studies, practice tests, and exercises prepare students for real calculations so they can confidently calculate sa... Read more
    By: Olsen, June et al
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  • Published 15/12/2009
    ISBN 9780205550609
    For chemistry or writing in chemistry courses.   This writing guide, by a team that includes a prominent chemist, a writing specialist with extensive experience in teaching science writing, and the author of Pearson’s best-selling Short Guide to Writing about Biology, tea... Read more
    By: Davis, Holly B. et al
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  • Published 04/11/2009
    ISBN 9780136049708
    For any undergraduate course in any discipline requiring APA documentation   This concise, economical pocket guide is a handy reference for finding, evaluating, and citing sources, APA documentation, and avoiding plagiarism.
    By: Pringle & Gonzales
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  • Published 29/09/2009
    ISBN 9780132436564
    For Introduction to Literature courses.   Throughout her years of instruction in Introduction to Literature courses, Elisabeth Howe has come to learn that teaching students to see such issues as sound and rhythm, imagery and figurative language, voice, the way characters a... Read more
    By: Howe
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  • Published 09/07/2009
    ISBN 9781405859615
    The book is full of relevant real-life examples which help students see maths not as merely something which must be learned, but as a valuable tool. It presents a variety of learning methods to enable students to engage with the material and to provide them with a broader and deeper understanding of... Read more
    By: Evans, Sheila
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