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  • Published 19/12/2007
    ISBN 9780321434838
    Whether you're a security practitioner, developer, manager, or administrator, this book will give you the deep understanding necessary to meet today's security challenges--and anticipate tomorrow's. Unlike most books, The Craft of System Security doesn't just review the modern security practitioner'... Read more
    By: Smith, Sean & Marchesini, John
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  • Published 17/12/2007
    ISBN 9780273651000
    Drawing on international research this text blends established theory and current practice to provide acomprehensive strategic coverage of this wide and constantly developing area.
    By: Cousins & Lamming
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  • Published 20/11/2007
    ISBN 9780273711186
    Management provides students with a thorough explanation and exploration of management concepts and practices across all management functions.  The major theme of the book is management at a time of change, reflecting the challenges faced by managers with increasingly rapid developments in tech... Read more
    By: Hannagan
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  • Published 01/11/2007
    ISBN 9780132068581
    Cadle and Yeates' Project Management for Information Systems is suitable for undergraduate students studying Project Management within the IT environment.This comprehensive and practical book is an excellent starting point for any students of Project Management for Information Systems, whether they ... Read more
    By: Cadle
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  • Published 01/10/2007
    ISBN 9780205511860
    Known as the "bible" of theatre history, Brockett and Hildy’s History of the Theatre is the most comprehensive and widely used survey of theatre history in the market.   This 40th Anniversary Edition retains all of the traditional features that have made History of the Theatre the most... Read more
    By: Brocket, Oscar G. & Hildy, Franklin J.
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