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  • Published 05/10/2010
    ISBN 9780132368971
    For undergraduate and graduate courses in cognition/instruction in education and in applied psychology departments.   This current and contemporary text uses cognitive psychology research to inform and improve classroom instruction.   Developed on the landmark idea that knowledge of co... Read more
    By: Bruning, Roger H. et al
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  • Published 27/09/2010
    ISBN 9780132126953
    Appropriate for Computer Networking or Introduction to Networking courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, CIS, MIS, and Business Departments. Tanenbaum takes a structured approach to explaining how networks work from the inside out. He sta... Read more
    By: Tanenbaum, Andrew S. & Wetherall, David J.
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  • Published 19/07/2010
    ISBN 9780136006695
    For undergraduate and graduate level Strategic Management courses.Get straight to the heart of important strategic management concepts. This brief text offers a concise explanation of the most important concepts and techniques in strategic management. Further, cases and simulations are a perfect sup... Read more
    By: Hunger & Wheelen
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  • Published 26/05/2010
    ISBN 9780135135303
    A comprehensive, realistic view of teaching English language arts in grades six through 12, this text integrates thoughtful, practical approaches to both curriculum and instruction while addressing the questions and concerns of new teachers.     The text reaffirms the value of teaching t... Read more
    By: Maxwell, Rhoda S. et al
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  • Published 25/05/2010
    ISBN 9780273728894
    In recent years graph theory has emerged as a subject in its own right, as well as being an important mathematical tool in such diverse subjects as operational research, chemistry, sociology and genetics. Robin Wilson’s book has been widely used as a text for undergraduate courses in mathematic... Read more
    By: Wilson Robin J
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