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  • Published 30/12/2010
    ISBN 9780132145626
    For undergraduate and graduate strategy courses. Gain a strategic edge in today’s business world. This short, practitioner-oriented guide was meant to effectively prepare practicing executives, and MBA and EMBA students for top management responsibilities.   The 4th Edition... Read more
    By: De Kluyver, Cornelis A. & Pearce, John A.
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  • Published 17/11/2010
    ISBN 9781442525450
    This edition of Commercial Cookery covers all of the essentials skills and knowledge for Certificate III Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) for future commercial cooks. It has a strong emphasis on skills development and provides a selection of recipes to assist students to further develop their knowle... Read more
    By: Walsh, Stuart & Walsh, Coral
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  • Published 09/11/2010
    ISBN 9780136053583
    For junior- to graduate-level courses in computer graphics. Assuming no background in computer graphics, this junior- to graduate-level textbook presents basic principles for the design, use, and understanding of computer graphics systems and applications. The authors, authorities in their fiel... Read more
    By: Hearn & Baker
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  • Published 18/10/2010
    ISBN 9780132496346
    Intended for use in the first of a two course sequence in geotechnical engineering usually taught to third- and fourth-year undergraduate civil engineering students. An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering offers a descriptive, elementary introduction to geotechnical engineering with application... Read more
    By: Holtz, Robert D. & Kovacs, William D.
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  • Published 15/10/2010
    ISBN 9780321512949
    For computer-security courses that are taught at the undergraduate level and that have as their sole prerequisites an introductory computer science sequence.   Unlike most other computer security textbooks available today, Introduction to Computer Security, does NOT focus on the mathematical ... Read more
    By: Goodrich, Michael & Tamassia, Roberto
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