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  • Published 08/11/2002
    ISBN 9780131014008
    Nanotech for everyone! The friendly, non-technical guide to the next industrial revolution. Now, renowned nanotech pioneer Mark Ratner and technology entrepreneur Daniel Ratner show you how nanotech works, why it's so exciting and what's next. They survey the entire field—technology and busin... Read more
    By: Rainer, Mark A. & Rainer, Daniel
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  • Published 21/10/2002
    ISBN 9780582369702
    Heritage Tourism provides a comprehensive review of the main issues and concepts related to heritage tourism. It considers the area broadly to include culture and nature in both urban and rural contexts, and presents an in-depth discussion of important global issues. Heritage Tourism is a core text ... Read more
    By: Timothy, Dallen & Boyd, Stephen
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  • Published 06/09/2002
    ISBN 9780864582140
    What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor? Do you know the difference between a legal practice and legal practise? What’s the difference between a civil dispute and a criminal dispute? Does legal writing seem like gibberish to you? If you are dealing with legal process... Read more
    By: Mann, Trischa
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  • Published 20/08/2002
    ISBN 9780864582751
    The creative play experience is vital for the stimulation of children's imagination. It offers opportunities for children to learn, express themselves and interact with others. Just Imagine! provides an understanding of how to establish stimulating and enjoyable creative play experiences for child... Read more
    By: Crook, Sue & Farmer, Betty
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  • Published 22/04/2002
    ISBN 9780132797160
    Appropriate for all graduate-level and upper-level courses in network or computer security.   Widely regarded as the most comprehensive yet comprehensible guide to network security, the First Edition of Network Security received critical acclaim for its lucid and witty explanations of the... Read more
    By: Kaufman, Charlie et al
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