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  • Published 18/11/2004
    ISBN 9780321086174
    This biography follows the brilliant life of Alexander the Great, who established in Eurasia the largest empire ever seen and left a world legacy. The titles in the Library of World Biography series make ideal supplements for World History and Western Civilization survey courses as well as othe... Read more
    By: Adams, Winthrop Lindsay
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  • Published 04/11/2004
    ISBN 9780205340231
    Single-Case Designs for Educational Research provides up-to-date, in-depth information about the use of single-case experimental designs in educational research across a range of educational settings and students. Each chapter reviews state-of-the-art content in a writing style t... Read more
    By: Kennedy & Craig
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  • Published 12/10/2004
    ISBN 9780205394791
    Respected play scholars James Johnson and James Christie join esteemed author Francis Wardle in this exciting new text on the theorising and research of childhood play. Play is the universal language of childhood. In order to converse with new generations of children, today's teachers must prepare... Read more
    By: Johnson, James E. Et Al
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  • Published 01/08/2004
    ISBN 9780563519157
    Deutsch Plus, the popular course for beginners in German, is designed for learners in a range of situations. Whether you are studying in a class, at home, for business or leisure purposes, you will find the course carefully structured to introduce you to the language in a meaningful and interest... Read more
    By: Arthur, Eleonore et al
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  • Published 01/07/2004
    ISBN 9780563519270
    4 Audio CDs, 300 Minutes The ideal introduction to everyday Italian for beginners, Italianissimo will help you develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills whether you are learning at home or in a class. With an emphasis on enjoying Italy and all it has to offer in terms of a... Read more
    By: Bougard, Marie Therese
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