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  • Published 04/11/2004
    ISBN 9780205340231
    Single-Case Designs for Educational Research provides up-to-date, in-depth information about the use of single-case experimental designs in educational research across a range of educational settings and students. Each chapter reviews state-of-the-art content in a writing style t... Read more
    By: Kennedy & Craig
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  • Published 12/10/2004
    ISBN 9780205394791
    Respected play scholars James Johnson and James Christie join esteemed author Francis Wardle in this exciting new text on the theorising and research of childhood play. Play is the universal language of childhood. In order to converse with new generations of children, today's teachers must prepare... Read more
    By: Johnson, James E. Et Al
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  • Published 03/06/2004
    ISBN 9780864583789
    A Practical Guide to Working with Children offers the foundation knowledge and skills required to provide quality care for young children. In addition to a fundamental understanding of child development, this text provides information on effective interaction and stimulation of young children. D... Read more
    By: Egle, Caron
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  • Published 11/02/2004
    ISBN 9780735619937
    The rules and practices for Scrum—a simple process for managing complex projects—are few, straightforward, and easy to learn. But Scrum’s simplicity itself—its lack of prescription—can be disarming, and new practitioners often find themselves reverting to old project ma... Read more
    By: Schwaber, Ken
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  • Published 01/01/2004
    ISBN 9780864584618
    What is improvisation in an early childhood setting? Why is it important and what does it achieve? Some of the advantages of improvising play materials are quite surprising and extend beyond encouraging creativity and imagination. This book suggests how improvisation can be introduced into the p... Read more
    By: Crook, Sue & Medlicott, Gary
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