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  • Published 16/10/2001
    ISBN 9780130612106
    For one/two-semester, undergraduate-level courses in Electrical Machinery. Retaining the student-friendly style of the First Edition, this unique text fills a gap in the available Electronics and Computer Technology texts by devoting more time to current industrial requirements. It presents AC ... Read more
    By: Hubert, Charles I.
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  • Published 09/07/2001
    ISBN 9780864581594
    A basic understanding of medical terminology is essential for administrative staff in medical practice, hospitals and associated health care areas. Medical terms can be easily understood when they are broken down into their composite parts. This book, written specifically for short courses, discus... Read more
    By: Wilson, Amanda
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  • Published 28/06/2001
    ISBN 9780130929815
    For courses in Diesel Mechanics/Techniques, Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics/Techniques, Commercial Transport, and Marine Engineering and Techniques. This text devotes chapters to the intricacies of electrical equipment in diesel engine and fuel system repair. It provides a so... Read more
    By: Dagel, John F. & Brady, Robert N.
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  • Published 05/06/2001
    ISBN 9780864581570
    Medical office workers require a basic understanding of medical terminology and the main body systems to which these terms refer. They should also be aware of current occupational health and safety regulations and the various government procedures and protocols related to medical practice and health... Read more
    By: Wilson, Amanda
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  • Published 31/01/2001
    ISBN 9780582429758
    The How to... series is a great collection of straightforward, user-friendly teacher development books. All titles are written by experienced teachers and teacher trainers and each offers a range of practical teaching ideas within a clear, theoretical framework. Each book contains a photocopiable &l... Read more
    By: Kelly, Gerald
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