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  • Published 02/01/2013
    ISBN 9780205730520
    Deviating from the typical thematically organised mythology anthology, Barry Powell organises this text first by geography and then by chronology. By doing this the text becomes a ‘history of the world,’ showing us how different peoples understood their environment and its challenges thr... Read more
    By: Powell, Barry B.
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  • Published 25/08/2010
    ISBN 9780205649280
    This definitive and concise guide to thinking critically is now offered in a version with readings for analysis and discussion.   Used in a variety of courses in various disciplines, Asking the Right Questions helps students bridge the gap between simply memorizing or blin... Read more
    By: Browne, M. Neil & Keeley, Stuart M.
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  • Published 12/02/2010
    ISBN 9780205467372
    Communication: The Handbook is a unique learning tool that introduces and reinforces key communication content in a practical handbook format that students will choose to keep and use throughout their college and professional careers. The highly readable and accessible chapters and modules use ... Read more
    By: Grice, Kristin K. et al
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  • Published 15/12/2009
    ISBN 9780205550609
    For chemistry or writing in chemistry courses.   This writing guide, by a team that includes a prominent chemist, a writing specialist with extensive experience in teaching science writing, and the author of Pearson’s best-selling Short Guide to Writing about Biology, tea... Read more
    By: Davis, Holly B. et al
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  • Published 04/11/2009
    ISBN 9780136049708
    For any undergraduate course in any discipline requiring APA documentation   This concise, economical pocket guide is a handy reference for finding, evaluating, and citing sources, APA documentation, and avoiding plagiarism.
    By: Pringle & Gonzales
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