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  • Published 14/12/2009
    ISBN 9781408217276
    Everything you need to know about Birdsong to succeed in your A Level or undergraduate studies. Whether you’re an A Level student or an undergraduate, York Notes Advanced provide everything you need to know about Faulks’s moving tale of love and war, from detailed summaries of each P... Read more
    By: Faulks, Sebastian
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  • Published 05/11/2009
    ISBN 9781442526013
    Marketing in Focus has been designed to be easily integrated within an introductory unit; it provides an introduction to the GFC and helps foster analysis and discussion through the inclusion of six case summaries of stories that were recently in the news. To help you as an instructor these cases co... Read more
    By: Baumann, Chris & Valentine, Tom
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  • Published 20/08/2009
    ISBN 9781442500372
    The Australian edition of Strategic Management integrates the Dynamic Perspective of Strategic Management across all topics. It emphasises this throughout the text by incorporating 3 main themes: 1.       Changing strategies for changing times 2.  &nbs... Read more
    By: Carpenter, Mason et al
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  • Published 21/07/2009
    ISBN 9780205695225
    This accessible text offers a comprehensive history of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, including coverage of everyday life, women and gender-related issues, and the environment—topics often neglected in other texts.   Throughout his distinguished career, author Rhoads Murphey has insp... Read more
    By: Murphey, Rhoads
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  • Published 10/06/2009
    ISBN 9780733985751
    This book offers a novel approach to thinking about public policy and a distinctive methodology for analysing policy. It introduces a set of six questions that probe how ‘problems’ are represented in policies, followed by an injunction to apply the questions to one’s own polic... Read more
    By: Bacchi, Carol
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