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  • An Introduction to Corporate Governance in Australia

    • By Shailer, Gregory
    • Published 31/03/2004
    • ISBN 9781741033410
    • Available on demand
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    As the author comments in the Introduction to this book, Corporate Governance is currently a popular topic with regulators, investors, company directors and executives, commentators and academics but this is not just a recent phenomenon. While current interest may be largely a response to major case... Read more >

  • Apparel Manufacturing: Sewn Product Analysis, 4th Edition

    • By Glock, Ruth E. & Kunz, Grace I.
    • Published 28/06/2004
    • ISBN 9780131119826
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Our goal for the 4th edition Apparel Manufacturing: Sewn Product Analysis remains the same as it was for the first edition: to provide a broad conceptual and somewhat theoretical perspective of apparel manufacturing that will serve as a foundation for future apparel professionals. We have consulted ... Read more >

  • Australian Public Policy, 2nd Edition

    • By Fenna, Alan
    • Published 01/05/2004
    • ISBN 9780733998997
    • Available on demand
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    This edition of this highly regarded Australian public policy text is designed for second and third year undergraduate students. Reviewers of the first edition commented on its excellence as an introductory text to the area of public policy and its comprehensive and thorough approach. &... Read more >

  • Children's Thinking, 4th Edition

    • By Siegler & Alibali
    • Published 09/06/2004
    • ISBN 9780131113848
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For one-semester undergraduate courses in cognitive development, developmental psychology, and child development. Also appropriate for use in graduate development seminars. This book offers a unified account of the major research findings and theories on the development of children's thinking f... Read more >

  • Economics Of Australian Labour Markets, 6th Edition

    • By Norris, Keith Et Al
    • Published 15/09/2004
    • ISBN 9781740911023
    • Available on demand
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    Economics of Australian Labour Markets was first published in 1983 and has been the leader in its field since then.  The sixth edition provides a clear, concise and up-to-date overview of labour economics and integrates this theory with data and other evidence on the operations of the... Read more >

  • Floriculture: Principles and Species, 2nd Edition

    • By Dole, John M. & Wilkins, Harold F.
    • Published 11/02/2004
    • ISBN 9780130462503
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For sophomore- to senior-level courses in Floriculture Crop Production and Greenhouse Management/Operations. Written in a consistent format to allow easy study and reference, this comprehensive guide to floriculture production covers more crop species than any other similar text, presents cont... Read more >

  • Heads in Beds: Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

    • By Razza, Ivo
    • Published 18/05/2004
    • ISBN 9780131101005
    • Available on demand (O)
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    An excellent supplemental text for courses in Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism Marketing, Travel Promotion and Sales, and Destination Marketing. This factual, how-to book for hospitality and tourism students addresses the issues from a practitioner's point-of-view, providing a reali... Read more >