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  • Published 30/09/2001
    ISBN 9780582452718
    This edition of the best selling textbook Food and Beverage Management has been updated and revised to take account of current trends within the hospitality industry. In particular the consideration of food and beverage (or foodservice) operations is clearly set within a broader business fram... Read more
    By: Cousins, John Et Al
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  • Published 15/06/2001
    ISBN 9781740096263
    This edition of A Primer of Statistics is a clear and concise introduction to basic statistics. It allows students to understand and apply statistical techniques and principles. The book provides a comprehensive coverage of widely used methods of data analysis, probability and random variables and ... Read more
    By: Phipps, Mary & Quine, Malcolm
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  • Published 01/05/2001
    ISBN 9780273646280
     This new version of the text first published in 1989 stays true to the aims of the first two editions. It provides a clear introduction to Managerial Economics for students who have no previous background in economic analysis and at the same time develops the analysis to a level that is approp... Read more
    By: Davies
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  • Published 07/02/2001
    ISBN 9780733999024
    Contemporary Keyboarding is a user-friendly generic Keyboarding text appropriate for those studying keyboarding in Office Administration as well as those doing a Keyboarding short course. Contemporary Keyboarding helps students to develop skills in keyboarding and build keyboard accuracy and speed. ... Read more
    By: Wilson, Valda
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  • Published 30/01/2001
    ISBN 9780273646464
    This well-known text draws on an extensive range of sources and materials to present a thorough, yet clear, introduction to the subject of industrial or employee relations for those studying at undergraduate, postgraduate or post-experience level. It provides a framework of concepts and knowledge fo... Read more
    By: Salamon, Michael
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