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  • Published 01/12/2004
    ISBN 9780733970245
    For undergraduate and postgraduate courses in political science, Aboriginal and Australian studies.   The Politics of Fear: From Wik to Woomera focuses on racism and the politics of fear that has become a feature of politics in western nation states.   In the Australian context such f... Read more
    By: Gale, Peter
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  • Published 09/11/2004
    ISBN 9781741032741
    Introduction to Futures and Options Markets in Australia is dedicated to a thorough treatment of Australian futures and options. It provides a detailed analysis of the major products in the Australian market as well as a discussion of the market itself. In conjunction with the Sydney Futures Exchang... Read more
    By: Frino, Alex & Jarnecic, Elvis
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  • Published 30/09/2004
    ISBN 9781741030358
    The Literacy Landscape is an introductory text about the role of literacy in education. It explores the concept of language and literacy, its historical origins, its components and how this relates to specific aspects of literacy education.   Each topic commences with the desired learning out... Read more
    By: Bull, Geoff & Anstey, Michele
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  • Published 01/08/2004
    ISBN 9780563519157
    Deutsch Plus, the popular course for beginners in German, is designed for learners in a range of situations. Whether you are studying in a class, at home, for business or leisure purposes, you will find the course carefully structured to introduce you to the language in a meaningful and interest... Read more
    By: Arthur, Eleonore et al
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  • Published 22/07/2004
    ISBN 9780131848689
    For a first course in proof for Mathematics or Computer Science majors. Besides giving students the techniques for solving polynomial equations and congruences, An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking provides preparation for more advanced courses in Linear and Modern Algebra, as well as Calc... Read more
    By: Gilbert, Will J. & Vanstone, Scott A.
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