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  • Analog Fundamentals: A Systems Approach + Digital Fundamentals, Global Edition, 11th Edition

    • By Floyd, Thomas L. & Buchla, David M.
    • Published 20/11/2015
    • ISBN 9781488689260
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For courses in Electronics and Electricity Technology   Analog Fundamentals: A Systems Approach provides unique coverage of analog devices and circuits with a systems emphasis. Discrete linear devices, operational amplifiers, and other linear integrated circuits, are all covered with less emp... Read more >

  • Automotive Electrical and Engine Performance, 7th Edition

    • By Halderman, James D.
    • Published 13/02/2015
    • ISBN 9780133866278
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    This book is part of the Pearson Automotive Professional Technician Series.   Automotive Electrical and Engine Performance covers content and topics specified for both Electrical/Electronic System (A6) and Engine Performance (A8) by ASE/NATEF, as well as the practical skills that students m... Read more >

  • Basic Business Statistics, 4th Edition

    • By Berenson, Mark et al
    • Published 18/09/2015
    • ISBN 9781486018956
    • In stock
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    Student-friendly stats! Berenson’s clear and consistent explanations of how and why accepted statistical techniques are used and fresh, conversational writing style helps students with their comprehension of the concepts. Berenson’s ‘real world’ business focus takes studen... Read more >

  • Carpentry

    • By Powell, W. Keith
    • Published 02/03/2015
    • ISBN 9780137004171
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For courses in General Carpentry at the high school, vocational, and college levels.   Written in simple terms with an emphasis on discipline nomenclature, professionalism, and articulation of content, Carpentry is among the first texts to integrate a full set of building plans with the 2... Read more >
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  • Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills, 6th Edition

    • By Dwyer, Judith & Hopwood, Nicole
    • Published 20/08/2015
    • ISBN 9781486019533
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills is a current and comprehensive resource with an easy-to-navigate structure that makes this sometimes challenging subject easy to learn. Plain-English explanations provide students with a solid background to the theory of co... Read more >

  • Criminal Investigation: Basic Perspectives, 13th Edition

    • By Lushbaugh, Charles & Weston, Paul
    • Published 20/02/2015
    • ISBN 9780133514407
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For courses in basic and advanced criminal investigation A Guide to Effective Criminal Investigations Drawing upon the author’s 50 plus years of experience, Criminal Investigation gives students a comprehensive introduction to the investigative process. From preliminaries to case preparati... Read more >

  • Emergency Care, 13th Edition

    • By Limmer, Daniel et al
    • Published 11/02/2015
    • ISBN 9780134024554
    • In stock
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    For courses in Emergency Medical Technician Training and Emergency Medical Services Help students think like EMTs with the gold standard for EMT training For over 30 years, Emergency Care has provided generations of EMT students with the practical information they need to succeed in the classroo... Read more >