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  • Accounting Information Systems, Australasian edition

    • By Romney, Marshall et al
    • Published 24/10/2012
    • ISBN 9781442542594
    • In stock
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    Accounting Information Systems has been extensively revised and updated to incorporate local laws, standards and business practices. The text has a new and flexible structure developed especially for Australasian AIS courses, while also retaining the features that make the US edition easy to use. &... Read more >

  • Australian Leisure, 4th Edition

    • By Veal, A. J. Et Al
    • Published 16/10/2012
    • ISBN 9781442541474
    • In stock
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    For first year students in tertiary leisure studies programs, both Leisure Studies and Social Science. Australian Leisure provides an introduction to and analysis of a broadly defined concept of leisure. It integrates Australian and international knowledge so that the book is an Australian interpre... Read more >

  • Developing Management Skills: A comprehensive guide for leaders, 5th Edition

    • By Carlopio, James & Andrewartha, Graham
    • Published 23/03/2012
    • ISBN 9781442547629
    • In stock
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    Develop the personal, interpersonal and group skills vital to achieving outstanding success in today’s workplace with Developing Management Skills: A Comprehensive Guide for Leaders. Carlopio’s hallmark five-step learning approach-–self-assessment, learning, analysis, practice and... Read more >

  • Introduction to Corporate Finance, 5th Edition

    • By Frino, Alex et al
    • Published 16/10/2012
    • ISBN 9781442542488
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    The only Introductory Finance text with a ‘keep it simple’ decision-making approach and unique industry perspective. The continuing instability in global financial markets highlights the critical importance of making informed decisions that maximise corporate value while minimising r... Read more >
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  • Management Accounting: Principles and Applications, 5th Edition

    • By Hart, Jill et al
    • Published 17/05/2012
    • ISBN 9781442549074
    • In stock
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    The 5th edition of Management Accounting: Principles and Applications helps students master the complexity of cost and management accounting. Using a clear, concise writing style, logical structure and current accounting standards, the text focuses on the information students need to complete their ... Read more >

  • Management Accounting: Principles and Applications eBook, 5th Edition

    • By Hart, Jill Et Al
    • Published 05/04/2012
    • ISBN 9781442549081
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    The full text downloaded to your computer With eBooks you can: search for key concepts, words and phrases make highlights and notes as you study share your notes with friends eBooks are downloaded to your computer and accessible either offline through the Bookshelf (available... Read more >

  • Marketing, 9th Edition

    • By Kotler, Philip et al
    • Published 23/10/2012
    • ISBN 9781442549425
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Today’s marketers are challenged to create vibrant, interactive communities of consumers who make products and brands a part of their daily lives in a dynamic world. Marketing, in its 9th Australian edition, continues to be the authoritative principles of marketing resource, delivering hol... Read more >