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  • Accounting Information Systems, Australasian edition

    • By Romney, Marshall et al
    • Published 24/10/2012
    • ISBN 9781442542594
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    Accounting Information Systems has been extensively revised and updated to incorporate local laws, standards and business practices. The text has a new and flexible structure developed especially for Australasian AIS courses, while also retaining the features that make the US edition easy to use. &... Read more >

  • Buyer Behaviour: Implications for marketing, 2nd Edition

    • By Poulos, Minas
    • Published 14/05/2007
    • ISBN 9780733981159
    • Available on demand
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    Why do buyers make the decisions they do, and how can marketers influence these decisions? Buyer Behaviour: Implications for Marketing introduces the fundamentals of buyer/consumer behaviour and their relationship to marketing. The text explores the influences of group, social, family, life cycle a... Read more >

  • Contemporary Perspectives on Social Work and the Human Services

    • By O'Connor, Ian et al
    • Published 15/10/1999
    • ISBN 9780733908569
    • Available on demand
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    The social and community services labour market is growing rapidly, but profound changes in attitude to the roles of government, market and civil society are resulting in radical administrative reforms which are affecting the delivery of human services. These institutional shifts are reshaping the n... Read more >

  • Front Office Skills

    • By O'Shannessy, Vivienne
    • Published 29/12/2008
    • ISBN 9780733988752
    • In stock
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    Front Office Skills: A practical approach covers all the essential skills a student needs to build a career in the front office of a commercial accommodation venue. It supports the delivery of units of competency from the SIT07 Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training Package. This book teaches ... Read more >
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  • Government, Business and Society, 2nd Edition

    • By Ryan, Neal et al
    • Published 25/12/2002
    • ISBN 9781740099974
    • Available on demand
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    Government, Business and Society, addresses the complex relationships between the major political, social and economic forces in contemporary Australia. The book is differentiated from other Australian texts on government, business and Australian politics in that it is places debates and issues... Read more >

  • Issues in Financial Accounting, 16th Edition

    • By Henderson, Scott et al
    • Published 12/04/2017
    • ISBN 9781488611643
    • In stock
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    Issues in Financial Accounting combines the theoretical with practical application to address key concepts and issues in financial accounting. Updated to reflect changes to the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) standards and interpretations (up to the end of September 2016), changes to... Read more >

  • Looking Forward Through The Lifespan: Developmental Psychology, 6th Edition

    • By Peterson, Candida C.
    • Published 17/12/2013
    • ISBN 9781442556508
    • In stock
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    When a local context really makes the difference…   The edition of this original Australian text continues to offer the most balanced coverage of theory and research for Australian students and educators and appeals to students from many backgrounds. It covers the domains of developmen... Read more >