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  • Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns and Practices

    • By Martin, Robert C.
    • Published 15/10/2002
    • ISBN 9780135974445
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For courses in Object-Oriented Design, C++ Intermediate Programming, and Object-Oriented Programming. Written for software engineers “in the trenches,” this text focuses on the technology—the principles, patterns, and process—that help software engineers effectively mana... Read more >

  • C: A Reference Manual, 5th Edition

    • By Harbison, Samuel P. & Steele, Guy L.
    • Published 21/02/2002
    • ISBN 9780130895929
    • In stock
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    For C programming courses found in departments of Computer Science, Engineering, CIS, MIS, IT, Business and Continuing Education. This authoritative reference manual provides a complete description of the C language, the run-time libraries, and a style of C programming that emphasizes correctne... Read more >

  • Data Mining: Introductory and Advanced Topics

    • By Dunham, Margaret H.
    • Published 22/08/2002
    • ISBN 9780130888921
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For courses in data mining. Thorough in its coverage from basic to advanced topics, this text presents the algorithms and techniques used in data mining. It introduces readers to various data mining concepts and algorithms.

  • Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, 2nd Edition

    • By Lafore, Robert
    • Published 06/11/2002
    • ISBN 9780672324536
    • Available on demand (O)
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    Appropriate for all courses in data structures and algorithms, and for many intermediate-to-advanced level courses in Java programming. Many students view data structures and algorithms as difficult to understand, but this book thoroughly demystifies them. Working in Java, Robert Lafore present... Read more >
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  • Discrete Mathematics, 5th Edition

    • By Ross & Wright
    • Published 21/08/2002
    • ISBN 9780130652478
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Revised for extra clarity, the distinguishing characteristic of Ross and Wright is a sound mathematical treatment that increases smoothly in sophistication. The text presents utility-grade discrete math tools so students can understand them, use them, and move on to more advanced mathematical topics... Read more >

  • Family Nursing: Research, Theory and Practice, 5th Edition

    • By Friedman, Marilyn R. et al
    • Published 08/08/2002
    • ISBN 9780130608246
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    For undergraduate/graduate courses in Community Nursing and Family Nursing. This popular text addresses the full practice of family nursing—identifying the family as a whole—and teaches a holistic, philosophical approach. The student is guided through generalised concepts and theore... Read more >

  • Five Easy Lessons: Strategies for Successful Physics Teaching

    • By Young & Knight
    • Published 19/09/2002
    • ISBN 9780805387025
    • Available on demand (O)
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    This widely admired standalone guide is packed with creative tips on how to enhance and expand your physics class instruction techniques. It's an invaluable companion for novice and veteran professors teaching any physics course.