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  • An Introduction to Database Systems, 8th Edition

    • By Date, C. J.
    • Published 22/07/2003
    • ISBN 9780321197849
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    An Introduction to Database Systems provides a comprehensive introduction to the now very large field of database systems by providing a solid grounding in the foundations of database technology while shedding some light on how the field is likely to develop in the future. This edition has been rewr... Read more >

  • Case Studies in Business, Society, and Ethics, 5th Edition

    • By Beauchamp
    • Published 18/09/2003
    • ISBN 9780130994356
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Case studies for courses in Business Ethics in the Philosophy or Business curriculum. A collection of 36 original and reprinted contemporary cases that focus on ethical and social issues surrounding business. Students will be made aware of situations that require moral reflection, judgment, and... Read more >

  • Community Practices In Australia (Pearson Original Edition)

    • By Weeks, Wendy Et Al
    • Published 30/04/2003
    • ISBN 9781740910330
    • Available on demand
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    Community Practices in Australia presents 15 contemporary case studies covering a range of community practices to help students and community workers improve  their skills and knowledge by reflecting on personal practice.  The book is organised into six sections, with case studies in ... Read more >

  • Complete Leadership: A practical guide for developing your leadership talents

    • By Bloch Susan
    • Published 03/02/2003
    • ISBN 9781843040255
    • Available on demand (O)
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    A practical and personal coaching programme to help talented high-flyers develop leadership abilities that will make a measurable difference, to their personal performance, to their team's performance and to the performance of their business.
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  • Design for New Media: Interaction design for multimedia and the web

    • By Barfield
    • Published 15/10/2003
    • ISBN 9780201596090
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    New media is like a giant jigsaw puzzle; a combination of different skills and media.  We know all about the pieces, but the biggest problem is putting them all together to get the ‘big picture’ of new media design.  Design for New Media gives a unified approach to looking at the area, cov... Read more >

  • Design of Machine Elements, 8th Edition

    • By Spotts, Merhyle F. et al
    • Published 14/10/2003
    • ISBN 9780130489890
    • Temporarily out of stock
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    Book + Disk
    For a one or two-term introductory Machine Design course in Mechanical Engineering Departments, or Mechanical Engineering Technology. Considered a classic in its field, this edition of Design of Machine Elements represents the over 80 years of combined classroom and industry experience of ... Read more >

  • Early Development Risk and Disability: Relational Contexts

    • By Talay-Ongan, Ayshe
    • Published 30/10/2003
    • ISBN 9781741031584
    • Available on demand
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    Early Development Risk and Disability is an Australian text for students of early childhood and allied disciplines who provide eduational or support services to young children with a difference or a disability, and their families. Focusing on developmental difference, it equips students and pro... Read more >