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  • Published 30/12/2010
    ISBN 9780132145626
    For undergraduate and graduate strategy courses. Gain a strategic edge in today’s business world. This short, practitioner-oriented guide was meant to effectively prepare practicing executives, and MBA and EMBA students for top management responsibilities.   The 4th Edition... Read more
    By: De Kluyver, Cornelis A. & Pearce, John A.
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  • Published 23/12/2010
    ISBN 9780321416919
    This is a rigorous and complete textbook for a first course on information retrieval from the computer science perspective. It provides an up-to-date student oriented treatment of information retrieval including extensive coverage of new topics such as web retrieval, web crawling, open source search... Read more
    By: Baeza-Yates
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  • Published 01/12/2010
    ISBN 9780273731917
    Advanced Microeconomic Theory remains a rigorous, standard in microeconomics, giving all the core mathematics and modern theory the advanced student must master. This student-friendly text, with its efficient theorem-proof organisation, and many examples and exercises, is uniquely effective in ... Read more
    By: Jehle, Geoffrey A. & Reny, Philip J.
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  • Published 01/09/2010
    ISBN 9781408236970
    This book is designed for students to use independently to enhance their critical thinking skills.  It contains advice and examples of students’ writing to illustrate poor performance and demonstrate how to produce effective critical discourse.  As university study requires students t... Read more
    By: Deane, Borg
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  • Published 13/08/2010
    ISBN 9780273725008
    Business Accounting Basics is the ideal introduction into the fundamentals of bookkeeping and financial accounting. The book utilises both the IFRS and IAS framework making the text accessible to students and professionals from all around the globe. Its user-friendly worked examples and clear explan... Read more
    By: Wood, Frank & Horner, David
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