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  • Published 01/12/2010
    ISBN 9780273731917
    Advanced Microeconomic Theory remains a rigorous, standard in microeconomics, giving all the core mathematics and modern theory the advanced student must master. This student-friendly text, with its efficient theorem-proof organisation, and many examples and exercises, is uniquely effective in ... Read more
    By: Jehle, Geoffrey A. & Reny, Philip J.
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  • Published 29/10/2010
    ISBN 9781406644272
    The chances are that we are only using about 1% of the power of our brain. Just imagine the amazing results if we could unlock just a fraction of the power of the remaining 99%. With this definitive, classic operations manual for the brain, you can discover how to revolutionise the way you think and... Read more
    By: Buzan, Tony
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  • Published 13/08/2010
    ISBN 9780273725008
    Business Accounting Basics is the ideal introduction into the fundamentals of bookkeeping and financial accounting. The book utilises both the IFRS and IAS framework making the text accessible to students and professionals from all around the globe. Its user-friendly worked examples and clear explan... Read more
    By: Wood, Frank & Horner, David
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  • Published 23/07/2010
    ISBN 9780132311472
    For upper-division undergraduate and MBA students as well as business professionals.Seeing the economic realities of the modern corporation through an integrated approach.Titman/Martin presents an integrated approach to both project and enterprise valuation, showing readers the economic realities t... Read more
    By: Titman, Sheridan & Martin, John D.
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  • Published 21/07/2010
    ISBN 9780136090199
    For one-semester, undergraduate and graduate level courses in Organizational Behavior.   Unique and current insight on the everyday processes and phenomena of OB. Behavior in Organizations shows students the real world of OB through its blend of cutting-edge research and practical applica... Read more
    By: Greenberg, Jeff
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